How to deal with monkeys in Thailand?

monkey island

Everyone can see the monkeys here, they are trying to beg for something or steal from tourists. However, you should be careful with these animals.

There are as many monkeys in Thailand as there are cats and dogs in Russia. They can be seen by every tourist and not only by going on an excursion to the jungle. Macaques and gibbons are not averse to visiting parks, Buddhist temples and even beaches.

They are constantly trying to beg for something orsteal from good-natured foreigners.
However, animals can be extremely dangerous, especially if they are kept in herds.

Being hungry, they stop at nothing. There were cases when monkeys stole backpacks with documents, cameras, glasses from tourists, or took valuable things out of their pockets.

And if you can still somehow fight off one animal, then with a crowd all resistance is useless.

Monkey Island in Pattaya

Rules of behavior with monkeys

In no case do not smile - primates perceive any grin as a sign of aggression.

The stolen thing can be returned only in the first minutes, while it cannot be taken away, the monkey can bite. You must either offer the monkey something in return, or wait. A monkey, as a rule, throws out a thing that has not aroused her interest. Or breaks it.

When feeding a primate, do not show the entire bag of food, otherwise it will simply be taken away. Do not tease animals or try to call them close to pass food from hand to hand.

Don't show your fear.

When filming with a phone or camera, try not to show the monkeys their image in the lens, this may be a signal for an attack.

Monkey bites can be very dangerous, because they are carriers of many diseases, including rabies, measles, fever, tuberculosis and others.

If you have been bitten or scratched by a monkey, you should immediately consult a doctor, as the consequences can be dire, even fatal. In most cases, the doctor prescribes a combination of rabies vaccinations.

In fact, there are not many cases when monkeys bite tourists, but it is better to be vigilant.

Monkey Island in Pattaya

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