Waterfalls on Koh Chang

koh chang waterfalls

Chang Island is known for its natural attractions: pristine jungle, deserted beaches and gorgeous views from the hills. The waterfalls of Koh Chang are undoubtedly of interest to vacationers, especially for those who prefer active recreation and are ready to overcome distances over rough terrain.


  • Klong Plus
  • Than Mayom
  • Klong Nonsi
  • Klong Chao Luam
  • Kheeri Phet
  • Klong Nung
  • Prao Talay

Actually, the waterfalls on the island are quite small and, admittedly, are not something extraordinary: narrow streams of water falling from a height of several meters. If you have been to real mountains and seen waterfalls at least tens of meters, then on Koh Chang you will see “waterfalls”. Don't expect something grandiose from a small island with low mountains.

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Nevertheless, visiting the waterfalls is interesting:

  • this is a full-fledged trekking with climbing mountains, through the jungle, along winding paths streaked with tree roots, and fording rivers;
  • there is an opportunity to swim in fresh water, while the water is very warm, not at all mountainous, although, of course, colder than in the sea.

To most of the waterfalls discussed below, the passage is paid and is $6 for adult visitors ($3 for children).

Klong Plus

The height of this waterfall is more than 10 m. It is considered the largest on Chang. For this reason, it is also the most visited both by individual tourists and as part of sightseeing tours around the island. During the day, this place is quite crowded.

klong plu

We must pay tribute to the organizers: the place was civilized: a more or less decent road was laid to the waterfall through the jungle, which even a child can master. The climb to the waterfall takes about 20 minutes. For lovers of more natural trekking, there is the so-called Nature Trail - a trail that runs through the natural jungle.

The pool formed by the waterfall is surrounded by a rocky shore. It is safe to dive here, and this can be done from different heights.

For those who do not like to dive or do not know how, swimming is a good option: the pool is narrow but long. You can swim against the current for a long time.

There are no pavilions or any other places for recreation. Nevertheless, Thais, who also come here to relax, sometimes pull something like hammocks between the trees and doze in nature to the sound of falling water.

Where is it: 2 km from Klong Prao beach inland (paved road).

Than Mayom

A popular and fairly large four-level waterfall, which is part of the same national park as Klong Plu. The backwater is shallow, so diving here will not work, but you can swim and swim.

tan mayom

A visit to Than Mayom is paid (200 baht), but adventurous tourists have found ways to get to the territory of the waterfall without paying. Firstly, you can visit Klong Plu and Than Mayom on the same day, and since both are part of the same national park, visitors are provided with the same type of dated tickets.

Secondly, you can use the "secret passage": turn off the road where the Than Mayom Waterfall sign is, to the right - and you can get to the waterfall bypassing the ticket office.

Where is it: in the east of the island near the village of Dan Mai (opposite the administrative building of Marine National park).

Klong Nonsi

The waterfall is very modest, and in the dry season it may not be at all. Since it is located not far from Than Mayom, it makes sense to visit it on the same day.

klong nonsi

A well-maintained road leads to the waterfall, so getting to it is easy, although this deprives the atmosphere of naturalness and makes visiting it more like an excursion than active trekking.

Where is it: 4 km from Marine National park office (next to the island's police station).

The visit is free.

Klong Chao Luam

This waterfall on Koh Chang is distinguished by its multi-level and length of the common path. In total, there are 12 height differences along the course of the river in this place. Such waterfalls are called cascading.

Most of the drops in Klong Chao Luam are quite small, so that the interest is not so much in the waterfalls themselves, but in the road to them and the opportunities for outdoor activities in the backwaters formed by the rapids.

Klong Chao Luam

The path to the waterfalls runs through the real jungle. Here, no one was engaged in special cultivation of the area, except that they hung signs indicating the name of the current threshold, the distance and direction of movement to the next.

The total path is more than 1 km, which seems a little, but you need to take into account that you will have to make your way through rough terrain, strewn with stones, riddled with the roots of giant trees, reminiscent of either the worlds of Tolkien, or the movie Avatar.

If we talk about opportunities for pastime, then the depth of some creeks allows you to dive, there is a bungee with which you can jump into the water. Since the waterfalls of Klong Chao Luam are small, you can stand directly under the falling water. Feelings are very unusual.

Near the entrance to the territory of the waterfall there is a cafe, as well as several rooms for those who wish to stay here for the night.

]Where is it: 5 km from Klong Son village.

Kheeri Phet

Being on Koh Chang, be sure to visit this waterfall, despite its remoteness from the main tourist beaches and inaccessibility. So, to get to it, you need to overcome about 1.5 km uphill, but the path itself is not difficult, most of the road is paved.


Having overcome these 1.5 km, you will find yourself in one of the most beautiful places on the island. Kheeri Phet is not striking in its size, but it fits perfectly into the surrounding picture, and the absence of people around creates an atmosphere of a lost mysterious world in this place. Keep in mind to see this waterfall, you need to visit it from April to November. The rest of the time it almost or completely dries up.

Where is it: 2 km south from Salak Phet village + 1.5 km uphill from the main road.

The visit is free.

Klong Nung

A hard-to-reach and little-visited waterfall located in the south of Koh Chang. The path to it is not paved, which is why about half a kilometer you have to climb straight along the riverbed: along slippery boulders, wade, and sometimes swim. During the dry season, Klong Nung dries up.

Where is it: about 3.5 km from Salak Phet village.

The visit is free.

Prao Talay

A very small waterfall is located on the territory of the Grand Laguna Hotel. Entrance fee - $1.5. For this money, you can stay within the hotel zone all day, swim on the hotel beach.

Where is it: Bang Bao beach.

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