Samui Beaches - An Overview of the Best Beaches in Koh Samui

The picturesque island of Koh Samui has long been considered one of the best holiday destinations in all of Thailand. There are 34 beaches in total on the island, so no matter who you come on vacation with: with children, a loved one, or alone, you will find the right place in Koh Samui for entertainment and in order to take many memorable photos.


  • Bang Po Beach
  • Ban Tai Beach
  • Maenam Beach
  • Beach at W-Retreat Koh Samui
  • Bophut Beach
  • Bang Rak beach
  • Play Laem Beach
  • Samrong Bay Beach
  • Thongson Beach
  • Thongsai Beach
  • Choeng Mon Beach
  • Chaweng Yai Beach
  • Chaweng Beach
  • Chaweng Noi Beach
  • Coral Cove Beach
  • Thong Takian Beach
  • Laem Nan Beach
  • Lamai Beach
  • Hua Thanon Beach
  • Nahai Beach
  • Laem Set Beach
  • Na Thien Beach
  • Bang Khao Beach
  • Thong Krut Beach
  • Thong Tanod Beach
  • Phang Ka Beach
  • Taling Ngam Beach
  • Lipa Noi Beach
  • Naithon beach

Generally speaking, the northern and eastern coastlines are best suited for long-term living. The beaches of Koh Samui: Lipa Noi, Lamai, Maenam and Choeng Mon perfectly combine privacy and developed infrastructure.

Lamai, moreover, is located near the airport, so it is quite suitable for those who came to Thailand for a short time and do not want to climb deep into the island.

Lipa Noi is a good option for those who love a relaxing holiday in good conditions. And Maenam is considered one of the best options for a family holiday. But let's look at the main beaches of Koh Samui in more detail, moving from west and east, so as not to miss anything.

Bang Po Beach

Located in the north of Koh Samui, this beach is not very crowded. There are not many beach activities, and its beauty is inferior to other places in the resort. Cozy and suitable for swimming even with small children.

Bang Por is recognized as one of the quietest and most peaceful beaches on the island, and from April to November, you can admire the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises there. The waters there are not very deep, and the bottom is covered with small pebbles. In addition, right on the beach you can rent a house; There are plenty of them for rent.

Ban Tai Beach

 Ban Tai is popular among those who come on vacation with their families. This place is also known as Mimosa. On the beach there is a hotel and a small restaurant with the same name. Ban Tai is quite secluded and not crowded, located north of Maenam.

Ban Tai beach

The shallow sea, colorful landscapes attract mothers with babies there. But those who are looking for beach parties and noisy entertainment will definitely not like the place.

Maenam Beach

Maenam is also rightfully considered a family beach. In the surrounding area you can find cozy houses for every taste and budget. Also nearby are shops and several cozy cafes. On a Thursday, Maenam is bustling as traders of cheap food and things arrive, to which both tourists and locals flock.

But, again, finding fun parties will not work here. With the exception of a few bars, Maenam is quiet and peaceful in the evenings. During the day, you can splash in shallow water, or bask in the shade of tall palm trees. The sand is soft and yellow, the sea near Maenam Beach is shallow.

The beach of the hotel W-Retreat Koh Samui (W-Retreat Koh Samui Beach)

It is impossible to get to this beach as easy as to the others, since it is closed. But resting there, as a rule, not only guests of the hotel of the same name, but also ordinary tourists, since the entrance to the beach is not officially prohibited. The elite place looks expensive, well-groomed and beautiful. Tall palm trees and a sandy spit stretching hundreds of meters into the sea make this corner of Koh Samui very picturesque and pleasant for relaxation.

Bophut Beach

Bo Phut is located just north of Maenam. Not far from it lies the ring road, and on the way from it to the sea you can find many hotels. Due to such a good location, it attracts many tourists. Therefore, the infrastructure and beach activities are very developed here. Within walking distance from the hotels are two large supermarkets - Big C and Makro.

Bophut beach

The beach itself can be conditionally divided into several parts. The central one is well-groomed and suitable for recreation, the eastern one is desert wild, and several remote areas overgrown with wild plants and used for fishing. There are two ways to get to the beach: either through the Fisherman Village embankment, or as a guest of one of the hotels with access to the sea.

Bang Rak beach

Another northern beach with a well-developed service and entertainment system. On its territory you can find many resorts, bars and restaurants. There are also buildings of commercial organizations. Bang Rak is near the airport and the roundabout.

Bang Rak beach

But this place also has a few downsides. Firstly, due to too dense buildings, it is not so easy to get to it. And, secondly, due to the large number of tourists, the waters here are not very clean, especially in Thai winter.

Play Laem Beach

The beach area is built up with inexpensive hotels, fishing huts and all sorts of industrial buildings. From the necessary services here you can find only something very simple, like laundries and companies that rent equipment.

A small number of entertainment opportunities and a dirty beach do not really attract tourists. But, at the same time, you can relax there on a small budget, and a few minutes drive from Playa Laem are the main attractions of Koh Samui.

Samrong Bay Beach

This small area is located on the outskirts and is built up mainly with expensive hotels and private villas. You can get to Samrong only by passing through their territory. But, even though this is not prohibited by the administration, there is nothing special to look at, since the beach is not distinguished by either special picturesqueness or crowdedness.

Samrong beach

Thongson Beach

Thong Son is also considered a children's beach. The sea near the coast is not very deep, and the so-called paddling pools form in the stones after low tide. Walking along the coast and entering the water, you should be careful, because the stones are slippery after the tides, and the bottom in some places is littered with coral fragments and the same slippery algae. A huge stone cliff separates the main beach from a small hidden bay suitable for private relaxation.

Thongsai Beach

Getting to Thong Sai is easy enough, even though it belongs to one of the hotels. But, given the lack of entertainment, food vendors and the ban on the use of certain accessories, there is still nothing for a simple tourist to look for there. Is that a beautiful background for a photo in memory of Thailand.

Choeng Mon Beach

Access to the sea in this place is free, both through the territory of four hotels, and along the bypass road. Shady coast, fine sand and shallow sea will provide you with a good rest. Comfortable conditions attract a lot of couples with children, who often come by their own transport, so there can be problems with parking here. But there are no complaints about the infrastructure of Chong Mon: restaurants, bungalows, massage houses and exotic bars are in abundance.

Choeng Mon Beach

Chaweng Yai Beach

One of the most exotic parts of Chaweng Beach, which is practically unsuitable for swimming. Tourists come here mainly to take pictures or have fun in one of the local bars. Chaweng Yai is located north of Chaweng Beach.

It consists of different parts: a shallow one, suitable for walking along the bottom, and a deep coastal strip strewn with stones. The stone spit protects the coast well from the waves, so it is quite calm here.

Chaweng Beach

Chaweng is rightfully considered one of the most picturesque and popular among the guests of the kingdom of beaches on the island. Although it began to develop relatively recently, now you can have a good time there, take a lot of exotic photos, and just relax. Chaweng is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts as it has a very vibrant nightlife and plenty of entertainment options.

Chaweng Beach

It is noteworthy that it is Chaweng that is considered a place where you can watch the most beautiful sea on the island around the clock. The entrance to it is clean and safe, and the sand that covers the coast is white, like from a tourist brochure.

Chaweng Noi Beach

Chaweng Noi is a kind of reduced copy of the main beach. The sea is separated from the road by a whole wall of hotels, respectively, you can get to it only through one of them. A variety of beach activities are represented here in small quantities. There are no residential areas in the area, so you won’t be able to rent a house, but you may well check into one of the hotels located there.

Coral Cove Beach

Coral Cove is a rather inaccessible, but no less popular beach. It is always crowded, although it is devoid of any special entertainment. Its territory, however, is very picturesque: the azure sea, soft coral sand and cozy clean shores. So, this place can be not only a good option for relaxation, but also a great backdrop for photos.

Coral Cove Beach

Thong Takian Beach

Thong Takian is a small, perhaps the smallest, beach on Koh Samui. Separated by a number of round rocks and the territory of three large hotels. But, despite the popularity of these hotels, the infrastructure on the beach is not very well developed: on Thong Takian you will not find parties or marine entertainment.

Laem Nan Beach

The beach is located north of Lamai. There are not a lot of houses and shops here, but it doesn’t matter where you can relax. Laem Nan is not very suitable for snorkeling and water procedures due to the fact that the bottom there is muddy and the water is a little muddy. But here you can safely relax with children, since the sea near the coast is shallow. There are often Europeans with their families.

Lamai Beach

Lamai is the second most popular beach after Chaweng. It can be roughly divided into three separate sections. The first part, northern, is adjacent to the territory of a small village. Therefore, there is no active nightlife and popular beach activities. The sand is not very clean, and near the shore you can find many fishing boats.

Lamai beach

The center of the beach is the complete opposite of its northern territory. Clear sea and light yellow sand make this place a true paradise. A well-developed infrastructure allows everyone to find entertainment to their liking. On this beach you can meet many Russians who, if asked, will give a short tour of the island.

The southern part, like the northern one, looks a bit abandoned. Access to water is available only from the territory of the resorts that are located there. So, it is better to give preference to the central part of Lamai, which is better suited for recreation.

Hua Thanon Beach

In the east of Koh Samui, right behind the Lamai beach lies Hua Thanon. This place definitely cannot be categorized as the best beaches of Koh Samui. With the exception of a small area between the local temple and the village, there is practically nowhere to swim there. For entertainment, you still have to go to the neighboring coast.

Nahai Beach

Nahai is not aimed at a large number of visitors. There are many private villas there, so tourists are wary. But they still come there, if not to swim or take a photo, then at least see the sights of Koh Samui, for example, a zoo with marine animals and tigers.

Nahai beach

Laem Set Beach

Private beach, which is available only to residents of local hotels. The administration claims that they are worried about the safety of their customers, who pay quite a lot of money for a hotel room. Laem Set is located in the southeastern part of the island.

Na Thien Beach

Natien is well suited for a one-time getaway. Here you get beautiful photos against the backdrop of a picturesque coast and huge boulders. The Natien area is sparsely populated, respectively, the infrastructure there is also not very developed. Therefore, renting a house near this beach is impractical.

Bang Khao Beach

Of all the beaches on Koh Samui, this one is the longest. It is considered wild, therefore it is suitable for lovers of secluded recreation and fishing. Going to this beach, you need to take everything you need with you: towels, beach umbrellas, food, since there are at least amenities.

Bang Kao beach

Thong Krut Beach

Thong Krut is also well suited for a secluded holiday. The shallow sea with a bottom covered with small pebbles does not attract many tourists. Moreover, it takes more than an hour to drive to the nearest entertainment center. But from there you can hire a boat in order to swim to the small satellite islands. If you decide to swim there, then no one will violate your privacy.

Thong Tanod Beach

The distance from the center of the island to Thong Tanot is almost the same as to Lamai. But this beach is more secluded. It is located, almost, on the edge of a large island. At the same time, the area is not very densely built up, the infrastructure there is also not very developed.

Thong Tanot beach

Phang Ka Beach

From the side of Pang Ka it looks like a sand pit flooded with water. The bottom of the sea here often dries up after low tides. The only exception is a small canal where boats, jet skis and boats float.

But, despite its remoteness, it is quite possible to have a good rest there. Although most of the holidaymakers on Pang Ka are guests of local hotels located on the mountain slopes and in the thickets of the jungle.

Taling Ngam Beach

Talking about the beaches of Koh Samui, one cannot fail to mention the real pearl of this island - Taling Ngam. Although it looks a little wild and untidy, the beach has a special atmosphere. This is a real exotic beach where you can take a lot of original photos against the backdrop of sunsets overlooking the Five Islands. Talin Ngam is a real edge of civilization, where picturesque nature is combined with minimal amenities.

Lipa Noi Beach

Lipa Noi is a long beach. The Lipa Noi area is located next to the roundabout. The infrastructure there is not very developed, but in one of the best bars on the island called Nikki Beach, the nightlife is constantly in full swing. Despite this, Lipa Noi is very popular among family people. It is considered a calm and respectable place to relax.

Staying at Lipa Noi, you can rent a bungalow, rent a hotel room or even live in an expensive villa. Holidays on Lipa Noi will be truly beautiful because of the picturesque sunsets and excellent living conditions.

Naithon beach

Nathon, as you know, is the administrative center of the entire island. Therefore, it is quite noisy and interesting here, Lipa Noi is located nearby, where you can go in search of beautiful sights. But the sea is not very suitable for swimming. That is why the beach is popular mainly among local photographers. In addition, it is well suited for those who want to stay on the island for a long time - it is convenient to get to the market and shops with things from here, as well as travel while exploring the surroundings.

As you can see, there are plenty of beaches on the island, so come, explore, and find out what you like best - family Mayenam, noisy Nahai, or secluded Lipa Noi.

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