Insurance in Thailand: make it online in 5 minutes

Insurance in Thailand: make it online in 5 minutes

Thailand has become a tourist mecca that attracts millions of travelers. Rich culture, tropical climate, picturesque nature, luxurious, snow-white beaches, clean and warm waters of the Gulf of Thailand and the Adaman Sea, colorful festivals and shows ... A real paradise, where you can have fun and have a great, but inexpensive vacation.


      • Do I need to take out an insurance policy in Thailand?
      • Approximate prices in clinics
      • How much does medical insurance cost in Thailand?
      • Insurance for Thailand: which is better, what to choose?


But when preparing, it is important to consider many factors, one of which is health insurance. Does it have to be taken out and what are the dangers in a distant tropical country?

Do I need to take out an insurance policy in Thailand?

Officially Health insurance in Thailand for Russians is not necessary, neither is a visa. But it is important to remember, you are going to Southeast Asia. Despite urbanization, there are still many dangers.

insurance in thailand

Here is a humid, very warm tropical climate, where swarms of insects, all kinds of snakes, spiders, infectious diseases are comfortable. The most dangerous is Dengue fever. Often there are stray dogs, wild monkeys, their bite threatens rabies.

The new climate, a different time zone, high humidity in tandem with the heat can provoke problems with the cardiovascular system, even in healthy people.

There is also an invisible enemy. Our body develops antibodies to infections and viruses since childhood. But in Thailand, on the other side of the planet, completely different bacteria, to which a person from Russia or Europe has no immunity. A small food poisoning threatens a fever with body temperature up to +40 °, which will put the tourist in bed for 5-7 days.


But don't rush to unpack your suitcases. One "magic" shot with a special serum can cure most diseases in 30-40 minutes. But it's not free, nor is the test to determine the strain that caused the ailment. Medical care in Thailand is obscenely expensive, especially for foreigners.

Approximate prices in clinics

Here are the approximate prices in not the most expensive clinics:

  • doctor's call - 90 euros;
  • an appointment with a general practitioner - 10 euros;
  • Traumatologist's appointment - from 10 to 70 euros;
  • Dentist examination, without treatment - 12 euros;
  • all kinds of tests - 500-700 euros.

In elite medical facilities, you can safely multiply the rates by two.

Going for the first time (practice shows that rarely people endure the first vacation in the tropics absolutely no excesses) is better to make a visa with full coverage of at least 35 000 euros and do not agree to the deductible. Insurance for children in Thailand should, in our opinion, cover a minimum of 70,000 euros.

In addition, to get insurance in Thailand - it is:

  • your own peace of mind, that in case of emergency you will get adequate help without spending a fortune;
  • assurance that doctors will not prescribe unnecessary procedures;
  • in an emergency, fast and free transportation by helicopter or other transport to the clinic;
  • Third-party liability insurance (optional).

How much does medical insurance cost in Thailand?

On average, the basic option is about 2 euros per day with an insurance coverage of 35,000 euros. If you plan to engage in active recreational activities, ride a scooter or a bike, the cost of insurance is doubled.


Please note! If the trip lasts more than 35 days, it is more profitable to buy an annual policy than to arrange insurance in Thailand on specific dates.

When choosing insurance, pay attention to these points:

  1. The list of insured events - it often does not include heatstroke, sunburn;
  2. Excess (the minimum amount you have to pay out of pocket) - although this is a good way to cut the price of the policy almost in half, when you first visit Thailand, it is better to abandon it;
  3. If you are going to ride a bike, the option "active recreation" or "sport" must be connected;
  4. Most tropical diseases (including Dengue fever) for which you must be vaccinated in advance are not usually covered;
  5. If you have a connecting flight, add the transit country to your coverage list.

Please note! Most companies will refuse to pay if alcohol is found in the blood during an accident.

Insurance for Thailand: which is better, what to choose?

When taking out insurance in Thailand, pay attention not so much to the price and the insurer (he is only the intermediary), as to the asistence - a global company that will organize treatment, your transportation, communication with the doctors on the spot.

Be careful! If the insurance company does not have a local assistant, there may be problems. Most likely, you will have to organize the treatment yourself and pay for it out of your own pocket. And then, in your home country, claim reimbursement. But where is the guarantee that you will not be denied for lack of some "very important paper".

Among the most reliable assistants: Allianz Global Assistance (AGA), AP Companies, Europ Assistance, Balt Asistance. Although each has advantages as well as disadvantages.

It's not easy to find a good insurance company with excellent service on your own, nor is it easy to figure out the complicated forms. Now there is turtle insurance - a place where offers from verified insurers are collected.

It will be useful to read independent blogger ratings that analyze reviews from forums. There are several popular ones online that are always kept current and updated every year.

For example: what insurance is better in Thailand. But keep in mind that this is not an objective rating, but the opinion of the author of the blog.

You can also buy insurance in Thailand on the spot, online. It is important to remember that it starts to be valid from the 6th day after registration.

You can choose and arrange insurance directly on our website. Simply enter your travel dates and destination country. In all of the options that appear, you can count on the help of the local assistance service. You can pay for the insurance immediately, by card or by e-money.

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