Tiger Kingdom Phuket

Tiger Kingdom Phuket

The Kingdom of Tigers in Phuket is one of the most successful zoo projects ever undertaken by man. The animals are kept in the most humane conditions, they are well fed, kept clean and free from disease.


  • How the kingdom came to be
  • How the kingdom works
  • What you can do in the kingdom
  • How safe is it
  • Cost of attendance
  • Background Information

At the same time, the "kingdom" is more of a zoo than a natural habitat for animals. Most of the tigers are in cages. Despite this, the organizers tried to make the existence of animals in captivity the most comfortable.

How the kingdom came to be

In fact, it is a franchise that started in Ubonratchthani in 2000 under the name Ubona Zoo. The city is not the most visited by tourists. Profits were small. The number of tigers was growing: keeping them required a lot of money. The owners decided to expand. In 2008 they opened a branch of the "kingdom" in Chiang Mai. Then - in Phuket.

This zoo is nothing like the "ghettos" with animals we are used to. The tigers kept here look happy and well-fed. The younger ones play with each other. The older ones are quietly observing what is going on, lying in the shadows. No unpleasant odors. Everything is kept in perfect order.

How the kingdom works

The zoo consists of:

  • numerous enclosed aviaries with concrete floors and perimeter fence netting;
  • several semi-open enclosures with a concrete floor with a low wooden perimeter;
  • The closed rooms in which the smallest inhabitants of the kingdom are kept;
  • a central enclosed aviary with animal pools, growing trees and grass.


If an aviary contains more than one tiger, they are grouped according to age:

  • small kittens - up to 4 months;
  • Juvenile tigers - up to 10 months;
  • young individuals - up to 1.5 years of age;
  • adult tigers.

In the last two groups, the animals are separated by sex.

What you can do in the kingdom

Watching animals from the sidelines.

Standard, as in any other zoo, you can view the animals from the outside of the enclosure. It is not allowed to feed them, as well as try to pet them through the net. There is no charge for observation.

Going into the enclosures.

This is where the most interesting part begins. You must agree that not every zoo allows you to go directly into the animals' habitats. In this one you can. That's what makes this place stand out from all the others like it.

Visits to the aviaries are individual, on a first-come, first-served basis. According to the rules, each visit is given 10 minutes, but if there are few visitors, it is possible to spend more time in the enclosure. A zoo employee accompanies guests to the tiger.

Interact with animals.

That's what people come here for. Cats (both small and large) can be stroked and cuddled. Most of the time they doze off and don't pay the slightest attention to all the stroking and cuddling. For them, all this is a daily routine that does not arouse any interest.


After interacting with the animals there is an opportunity to wash your hands in the specially installed sinks.

Taking pictures.

You can come with your own camera or order a zoo photographer to accompany you. You are allowed to take pictures as much as you like. The safety requirement is not to use a flash.

Have a bite to eat at a cafe.

Drinks, snacks, European, Thai and Japanese cuisine, desserts are offered for an extra fee.

Purchase souvenirs.

Of course, all the souvenirs are either with tigers or reminiscent of them.

How safe is it

The tigers that live in the kingdom were born in the kingdom. Throughout their lives, they see people, and the zoo staff takes care of them every day. They play with them, train them a little bit to show them that some things should not be done.

But, in general, the animals here perceive people as a natural part of the world around them and do not show aggression. They are so accustomed to the presence of people around them that they don't pay any attention to them.

This does not mean that people can do whatever they want. There are rules of conduct when being in an enclosure with tigers. For example, it is forbidden to approach the animal from the front - only from behind or from the side. It is forbidden to play with the tiger.

It is forbidden to shout or make sudden movements. There are a number of other restrictions that are communicated to visitors at a briefing session. As long as one does not overstep the bounds of what is allowed, one need not worry about safety.

Children may be denied access to enclosures with juveniles and adults. In each case, the decision is made by the zoo administration.

Cost of attendance

It pays to enter certain enclosures in which the cats are separated by age.

AviaryCost of admission, baht
Little kittens1000
Teens 1900
Teenagers 2900
Young Tigers800

You can take advantage of a comprehensive pass and visit all the tigers for 3,500 baht. Or visit 4 enclosures for 2,800 baht. Any combination of visits at a discount.

Background Information

How to get there: Take highway 4029 from Patong. There are plenty of options: sungteo, cab or tuk-tuk. It is better to rent a car (there is parking nearby).

Hours of operation: from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., buffet - from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Address and phone: 118/88 Moo 7 Kathu; 076-323-311.

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