Nightlife on Koh Tao - The night away party at the best bars

Ko Tao is famous for its diving community and is home to a large number of professional divers and diving instructors. Divers love to party, and Ko Tao's nightlife is sure to keep you dancing until dawn.

While you're here, don't forget to treat yourself to the Sangsom Bucket: a cocktail from Ko Tao made with Sangsom rum, Mekong whiskey, Coca-Cola and Thailand's high-caffeine energy drink M-150.

Visit any of these places for the best night of your life:

Maya Beach Club

Maya Beach ClubMaya Beach Club, as the name implies, is located right on Sayri Beach. The main feature is a huge stage that has been created over the ocean water, where Resident DJ Jaguar Skills spins all kinds of tracks from Deep House to R&B.

If you don't feel like dancing, you can loiter on the floating chairs while the waiters bring out delicious sushi and tapas. Maya is one of the best clubs to get a true Ko Tao nightlife experience.

Price: approximately 500 baht per person.

2. Coco Bar

Coco Bar is a great place to hang out, relax and enjoy the famous nightlife of Ko Tao. Known for its exceptional service bar that most people visit.

Unlike other bars nearby, you can talk to the person sitting next to you without having to shout. This place even accepts requests for song orders. Enjoy some of Ko Tao's best cocktails in the chic neon atmosphere at Koko.

Price: about 500 baht per person.

3. The Beer Masons

The Beer MasonsIf you're someone who loves beer more than water, The Beer Mason is the place for you. This cozy bar offers beers from all over the world. There is a variety of high alcohol flavors to fun, fruity flavors that even the most ardent beer hater can enjoy.

Price: about 650 baht per person.

4. Lotus Bar

Lotus BarLotus Bar is another lively beach bar located in the Koh Phangan area of Koh Tao. Loud, deep house music plays all night long.

You can dance with friends or relax on one of the lounge chairs and watch the fire dancers perform their spectacular feats.

Ultraviolet light everywhere makes the whole place glow at night, making for one of the most memorable nightlife experiences on Ko Tao.

Price: about 300 baht per person.

5. Pirate Bar

Pirate BarPirates Bar is one of the hidden gems of Ko Tao. To get here, continue walking far to the west until you go down Chalok Beach and reach the concrete path. After walking through the footpath, you will enter the restaurant and right behind it (you have to go through the restaurant) is Pirates Bar.

Pirates Bar offers fantastic drinks at reasonable prices, great atmosphere, great service and great views. It's perfect if you want to go somewhere a little less popular to experience the nightlife of Ko Tao.

Price: about 300 baht per person.

6. North Mountain View Bar

North Mountain View BarUnlike most of the other bars on this list that are on the beach, North Mountain View, as you may have already guessed, is located on top of a mountain. Well, "mountain" is a bit of an exaggeration; it's more of a hill, but the view is impressive nonetheless.

Relax on the couch - your favorite cocktail in hand - and admire a beautiful sunset over the lush green forest and the dark blue waters of the ocean.

Price: approximately 350 baht per person.

7. Good Vibe Bar

Good Vibe BarThe Good Vibe Bar is true to its name. You can feel all the good vibes the moment you walk through the front door. The atmosphere here is great, there are chain lights hanging above the outdoor seating area, and the walls are decorated with posters of famous musicians.

The bar is famous for its fantastic live music and open mic sessions. Join everyone else in singing and get those good vibes.

Price: about 450 baht per person.

8. Queen's Cabaret

Queen's CabaretIf you're looking for something different while on Ko To, head to the Queen's Cabaret. There's a two-hour drag show every night, and it's amazing.

There's great music, great lighting, and the performers are at the top of their game. Admission is free, although you must buy a drink (not necessarily alcoholic).

Its ideal location makes Queen's Cabaret the perfect place to start a night out at the bar.

Price: about 600 baht per person.

9. Fishbowl Beach Bar

Another beach bar on the list of Ko Tao nightclubs Fishbowl stands out for its many fun games. There are many entertainment activities, including beer pong, table tennis.

Also, if you're not in the game, you'll enjoy dancing and cheering on the rest of the crowd as the DJ spins out hit track after hit track until late into the night.

Price: about 400 baht per person.

The best place for couples.

10. Ocean Lounge at Aminijirah

Ocean Lounge at AminijirahAminijirahm is a luxurious 5-star resort on the very edge of Ko Tao, with beautiful views of the pristine blue ocean, making it one of the best places for couples to enjoy the nightlife on Ko Tao.

The Ocean Lounge is the perfect place to spend time with your loved ones while sipping classic cocktails and watching the sun set over the horizon. If you're feeling a little hot, take a swim in the beautiful pool and relax until late at night.

When you're done swimming, enjoy a delicious meal at one of your romantic candlelit tables.

Price: about 1,000 baht per person.

11. Serenity Bar

Serenity BarSerenity Bar, located on a hill, is one of the best places on Koh Tao to watch the sunset over the island. Cuddle up with your loved one and relax or dance to the music of DJs.

If you're feeling particularly adventurous, you can even pick up traditional bamboo tattoos. The extremely courteous staff will make you feel royalty throughout your visit.

Price: about 600 baht per person.

12. Reef Sports Bar and Restaurant

Reef Sports Bar and RestaurantMassive TV screens, a variety of food and drink menus, a giant pool table and a travel library - nothing impresses like the Reef Sports Bar in Ko Tao. It's the perfect mix of sports fans and music lovers.

If you're looking for a cozy setting with great coffee, a lively bar with great music, or watching the latest NFL games, the Reef is the perfect place.

It opens at 9 a.m. and stays open until midnight, but if the match is on, management can extend the closing hours. The bar is located at 5/15 Ko Phangan.

Price: 200 baht per person.

13. AC Bar Beach Club

AC Bar Beach ClubAC Bar & Beach Club, located right on the shores of Sairi Beach, is the perfect blend of stunning views, delicious Thai food and music. You can bask in the sun while sipping cocktails on a chaise lounge, watch live concerts while chilling in the Jacuzzi, or enjoy the sunset while swimming in the beachfront pool right in front of you.

You can even spot Ko Nangyuan from the club. Its proximity to the famous diving spots on Sairi Beach is one of the reasons for its popularity. The bar opens at 12 p.m. and closes around midnight.

Price: 250 baht per person.

14. Jungle Bar

Jungle BarThe Jungle Bar is known for its whimsical atmosphere that looks straight out of a fantasy book. The bar was built using eco-friendly materials collected from the sea and the forest. It's a delight for nature lovers, tasty drinks and fun meeting places.

You can sleep in one of the huts or be with your pets at the bar. If you want to break the monotony and experience nature at its best, the Jungle Bar is what you need.

Price: approximately 150 baht per person.

15. BND Beach Bar

BND Beach BarIf you prefer quality music, the BND beach bar is the perfect place. This multi-story extravaganza is a great package with fire shows, eccentric music, live sports broadcasts, pool tables, delicious drinks and sunsets.

Located on Sayri Beach, this is the most popular place to party. The bar has three levels, and each serves a different audience. The first floor is for dancing and relaxing on the beach. You can watch a fire show or relax with a beer while watching the sunset from the beach.

The second floor is for sports lovers. Play billiards or watch your favorite team. The third floor is the best place to watch the sunset, as the first floor can be a little crowded.

Price: approximately 300 baht per person.

What to wear

You can walk in almost anywhere in completely casual clothing. You can even come into most bars in a swimsuit.

Other things to keep in mind

  • Cabs can get pretty expensive. Instead, it is much more profitable to rent a scooter.
  • Restaurant discounts are not expected, but are estimated at 10%.
  • Sayri Beach is the central tourist spot on the island, hence it can get a little crowded.

Ko Tao is truly one of the gems of Thailand. Great food, delicious drinks, crazy parties, amazing views and an endless list of fun activities. Be sure to visit these places if you are in Thailand.

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