Teddy Bear Museum in Pattaya

Teddy Bear Museum

If you want to give bright emotions to your child or remember a carefree childhood, go to the Teddy Bear Museum in Pattaya. Plush good people welcome guests of all ages.

How it all began

The idea to open such an unusual museum belongs to a Korean named Kim Hyun Chul. During his numerous travels around the country, he fell in love with Thailand and its friendly people. And Mr. Kim noticed that most Thais like to be photographed, and he himself did not leave the house without a camera.

He decided to create a place where you can take a lot of beautiful and unique photos, so the museum dedicated to the Teddy bear was born.

This soft toy has millions of fans around the world. There is hardly a person who refuses a warm bear hug and resists a plush charm. The project was destined for success from the very beginning.

What is a teddy bear's house

The building is made in the form of a 40-meter boat, divided into 12 thematic zones. The best foreign artists worked on their concept and design.

The Teddy bear's house holds the record not only for its beauty and originality. This is the first and so far the only museum in Southeast Asia, which covers an area of more than 2,500 square meters. 2,000 teddy bears “live” here.

If you are looking for where to go with a child in Pattaya, you simply cannot find a better place.

12 themed areas for fun and stunning photos

The museum consists of 12 thematic zones with colorful decorations. In each, an exciting action unfolds, the main characters of which are Teddy bears.

1. Fairy area

The bears have turned into heroes of everyone's favorite fairy tales. Meet plush Puss in Boots, Peter Pan and more. The tree house with a slide is very popular with children.

Teddy Bear Museum in Pattaya

2. Inca zone

This is a small island dedicated to the culture of the mysterious Inca civilization. Bears appear in Indian costumes and images of powerful gods that the Incas worshiped thousands of years ago.

Teddy Bear Museum

Before you get to the next thematic area, you will have to go through a cave where almost real volcanic lava seethes.

2. Dino Zone

Here are models of animals and dinosaurs that inhabited our planet 165 million years ago. Do not miss the opportunity to take a photo against the backdrop of a 4D installation that simulates a fall into a prehistoric abyss.

Teddy Bear Museum

3. Fossil Zone

In this part of the museum, everyone is welcome to participate in the excavation of dinosaur skeletons. Armed with a brush, you can find the bones of long-extinct giants.

Teddy Bear Museum

4. Africa zone

Tired of lying on the beach, look for where to relax with children in Pattaya, go to Africa. This is the name of one of the most popular areas in the Teddy Bear Museum. Here is the fauna of the black continent in all its great diversity. The Range Rover is one of the best places to take colorful photos.

Teddy Bear Museum in Pattaya

5. Underwater zone

Teddy bears invite you to explore the rich underwater world. It impresses with colorful fish, bizarre shells, giant whales and other wonders of the deep sea.

6. Winter zone

Here you can forget about the hot Thai sun for a while, having visited the Eskimo dwelling. A funny picture is drawn inside it. It imitates the famous fresco by Leonardo da Vinci "The Last Supper". Teddy bears play the role of Christ and the apostles.

Teddy Bear Museum

Do not like religious painting - go to the house of Santa Claus. The preparations for Christmas are in full swing.

7. Zone of space superheroes

The spirit of the conquerors of space and the heroes who will save humanity hovers here. The bears look adorable in their Star Wars, Batman and Superman outfits.

Teddy Bear Museum

9. China zone

Bears in national costumes against the backdrop of a pagoda with a curved roof demonstrate the greatness of the Celestial Empire. A sleeping panda figurine is the best place for unforgettable photos.

Teddy Bear Museum

10. European zone

Designers have tried to recreate all the images associated with Europe. The main place is occupied by castles with knights, as well as British royal guards in red coats and giant black caps. For lovers, there is a heart-shaped gazebo decorated with flowers.

Teddy Bear Museum

11. Play area

Bright and noisy, it invites you to plunge into unrestrained fun. Don't hold back your emotions. This is the best place for original photos.

Teddy Bear Museum

12. Art Zone

It features installations, sculptures and interpretations of iconic works by renowned artists, including Andy Warhol's Marilyn Diptych.

Teddy Bear Museum

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