Maiton Island - a paradise place near Phuket

Myton Island

The most popular resorts in Thailand, such as Pattaya and Phuket host hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. Such a large flow of travelers affects the nature of the kingdom The beaches are crowded and the water in the sea leaves much to be desired. - Website about independent travel in Asia

So for those who want to enjoy the unspoiled nature of the kingdom of smiles and be alone with themselves, various islands are open to visit. One of them is the island of Myton.

The island is privately owned, so we can say that to some extent an excursion to it can be classified as a Vip vacation. Many travelers say that it is the island of Mighton at first glance strikes with its natural beauty.

Myton Island

Usually guided tours of this "unspoiled" corner are conducted by guides in English. For those who do not understand English, it is better to immerse yourself in the history of the place beforehand. Mighton has long been closed to tourists, as the territory belonged to a close friend of the king. And only the Rulers of countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia and Singapore rested there.

Today, the island is also used for recreation by "heads of state," as evidenced by the presence of an airstrip near the coast. At the moment, despite the fact that the island is open, there are small restrictions. For example, Mighton can be visited by only 200 people a day, and not all travel agencies can make tours to the island.

Prices for excursions start at 2500 baht and can reach 5000 baht. Usually that price includes transfer from the hotel and speed boat both ways, a buffet lunch, fruit and drinks.

Such a high price is due to the fact that the territory of the island to this day is private. Because of this, it is as if tourists buy an entrance ticket, and part of the money is used to keep Myton clean.

What can you do in this unique place?

Of course, lounging on the snow-white beaches. There are 2 main beaches on the island. Before buying a tour, it is important to pay attention to the guides whether the island is at high tide or low tide, because it would be a shame to come to such a wonderful place and watch the tide.

But if tourists still caught the tide, not a problem - because on the territory of the island there is a large outdoor pool. It is very rare for holidaymakers to swim in it, for fear that it is closed.

Myton Island

There's also a dive center on Mayton, where you can rent all the equipment you need to dive. At the very center of the island is an observation deck that offers stunning views. At the top there is a beautiful gazebo and places to relax.

It is not possible to stay overnight on the island, as there are no working hotels in the area. Previously there was a five-star hotel Honeymoon Island Phuket 5*, but during the floods in 2004 it was completely flooded. The complex is under reconstruction, some of the rooms have already been restored, perhaps soon the place will be open to holidaymakers.

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