Diving on the coast of Thailand

More and more tourists are becoming fond of such sports as diving. And no wonder! The underwater world is a real treasure trove of experiences. Here underwater divers can see a fabulous city of coral reefs with its many inhabitants. One of the popular places for diving is Thailand.

An exotic country attracts marine adventurers with its variety of dive sites, which makes diving in Thailand very exciting. The Similan Islands are the real gem of the Andaman Sea with over 30 dive sites. Here you will find majestic rocks of gigantic proportions, underwater caves and canyons. Exotic fish, sea turtles, whale and gray sharks, as well as floating at arm's length imposing stingrays and moray eels leave no one indifferent. Especially popular among divers night dives to see the lobsters and crabs. Transparent clear sea, snow-white sand, gentle sunshine makes this corner of nature a truly "paradise place".

Fans of the Hollywood blockbuster film "The Beach" can enjoy the amazingly beautiful bay called "Maya Bay". Experienced divers will be bored here, but for beginners this place will be perfect. The maximum depth of the dive is about 20 meters. However, the warm waters of Maya Bay allow you to see a huge number of fish swimming nearby: barracudas, winged fish, and even sea snakes.

Diving on the coast of Thailand The lovers of mystery and mystery, daring to dive in Thailand, waiting for the sea caves, and even the sunken passenger ship "King Cruiser". He was built in '67 in Japan. In 1997, the ship wrecked and sank. Fortunately, there were no casualties. At present, the wreckage of the liner is at a depth of 30 meters. Over time, the hull of the ship was covered with hard coral.

All along the coast of Thailand stretches chalk caves that descend directly into the sea. It is an extraordinary beauty. In the cave called "Wang Long Cave" there is a tunnel where you can take off your equipment and see the huge stalactites.

Colorful coast of Thailand evokes a great desire to return here again in search of new unexplored beauty of the underwater world.

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