Individual excursion "Krabi Provincial Temples"

Individual excursion "Krabi Provincial Temples"

We are often asked to show Thailand from the inside... What is so special about the land of smiles? Most people in the country are Buddhists and are very reverent about it.

The people of Thailand do not go to temples to repent to the Buddha, to ask for his protection or for deliverance from illnesses. There is no God, and Buddha is an ordinary man like them and cannot grant earthly or spiritual benefits. It's all in our hands.

Temples of Krabi Province

Religion in Thailand provides a few rules for ordinary lay people. They should help one live happily and achieve enlightenment in the future through meditation and other esoteric techniques (practiced by monks living in monasteries):

-Doing good deeds;

-abstaining from violence, theft, lying, adultery, and intoxicating substances (primarily drugs and alcohol).

Temples of Krabi Province

In our author's tour we offer to visit 3 main temples of Krabi province:

  • Bang Riang Temple (where the Buddha's tooth is kept)
  • Wat Bang Thong Temple (with a 109 meter golden stupa)
  • Temple of the Tiger (with a "purification path" of 1,260 steps)

The tour is conducted by individual car, without the rush and crowds of tourist groups. This itinerary cannot be bought at a street bureau or visited as part of a group, because the introduction to the culture of Thailand should be calm, measured and gradual.

Temples of Krabi Province


  • 08:00 Departure from the hotel
  • 09:30 Arrival at Bang Riang Temple. History of the temple; what is remarkable about it.
  • 12:00 Arrival at Wat Bang Thong. History of the temple; walk around the temple complex
  • 14:30 Arrival at the Tiger Temple. Climbing the "path of cleansing
  • 16:30 Departure to the hotel

The price includes:

- tour by individual car - accident insurance - Russian speaking guide - drinking water - entrance tickets

Not included in the price:

- nutrition

What to take with you: 

- sunscreen - shawl to enter the temple (covered shoulders and knees) - headgear - comfortable shoes - good mood Learn about the culture of Thailand by booking an individual tour here

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