Khao Lak Island in Thailand: overview, photos, reviews


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The beaches and exotic nature of Thailand attract many tourists every year. Therefore, the resort towns are usually filled with people, and it is very difficult to find a secluded place. And yet, and there you can find a quiet town where you can relax in a quiet atmosphere. One such place is a quiet Thai town called Khao Lak.

Location and general information

The small island of Khao Lak used to be just a small village. But over time, several small villages located nearby along the coast of the Andaman Sea merged into one large tourist center. With the development of the tourism industry in Thailand, the level of service and the construction of new buildings, so Khao Lak has evolved from an ordinary village into a tourist paradise, where well-developed infrastructure is combined with a unique natural scenery.

Khao Lak resort is located near the Andaman Sea. It is fenced off from the ocean by high mountains. It is a good location and determines the climate of the Thai town. The weather is warm here throughout the year. From November to May here is officially open tourist season.

The weather at this time is optimal for recreation, because the tropical heat dilutes the northeastern monsoon and sea breezes. During this time, the temperature in the city is between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius. The rainy seasons are characterized by high temperatures and frequent downpours.

The nature of this town is rich and varied. In order to allow tourists to admire it without risk and take pictures against a background of bright flowers and tall trees, was created a beautiful national park Kao Lak-Lam Ru. There, wild jungle is combined with neat trails, walking along which visitors to the kingdom can observe the squirrels, exotic birds and other small animals of Thailand. There are also waterfalls that mesmerize everyone with their pristine beauty.

Attractions and recreation

Unlike most resorts in Thailand, in Khao Lak tourists do not come for the noisy fun, and in order to relax and be alone.

Map of Khao Lak with sights

On the territory of the city built a lot of spas, yoga clubs and all sorts of health centers. The whole atmosphere of the city disposes to the tourist to forget about his problems and for a few days rest and recuperation, both physically and mentally.

Khao Lak is a quiet and comfortable holiday

In addition, near the city there are many natural attractions, against which tourists who come to Thailand like to take pictures. For example, Lampi waterfall. It is a 30-minute drive from Khao Lak, next to Route 4. You can get there by cab or rental car. The waterfall itself is just a short walk from the parking lot.

It's best to go there early in the morning to see the sunrise. The morning waterfall is the best photo opportunity. Also, at any time you can swim there. It is allowed and quite safe.

Lampi Falls

Lampi Falls (Khao Lak, Thailand)

Another colorful waterfall near Khao Lak is Chong Fa. It is easy to find, as there is a blue sign on Route 4 that shows the way to the waterfall. Entrance to the waterfall is paid, for adults the ticket costs 100 baht, for children - 50 baht. Near the waterfall is great to relax on hot days and take memorable photos.

Chong Fa is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Khao Lak

Another natural treasure worth seeing is the local national park in Khao Lak. You can walk there from 8:30 to 16:30. You can walk in the park all day, as there is a restaurant in the park where you can eat as needed.

From the park you can go to the beaches of Nang Tong or Khao Lak, or walk to the famous Buddhist temple. Entrance to the temple is free for children under three years old, adults pay 100 baht to enter, children under 14 years of age are half as much.

Khao Lak Lamru National Park is one of several popular national parks in Thailand

Also not far from Khao Lak is such an original attraction as Police Cutter 813. At the beginning of the millennium, it was one of two police boats designed to protect the son of a former princess. During the 2004 tsunami, one of the boats sank with its crew. The second boat washed ashore and has been standing there ever since as a historical monument.

You can also go to the Old Town and Takua Pa. The old quarter of Takua Pa still has quaint examples of old Sino-Portuguese architecture, where tourists stop at every turn to take pictures. There are also many original stores and a traditional local market.

Hotels, stores and markets

Despite the lack of large shopping centers and shopping malls in the city, in the resort town you can buy everything you need for a comfortable holiday. Prices for products in stores are not very high, and in the markets you can try all the exotic fruit, without spending too much. However, it is better to go to market early, because after lunch, traders go home.


Tourist town opposite Nang Tong Beach, Khao Lak

As for souvenirs, it is better to buy them in the town of Baan La On, which is located near Khao Lak. In the main square of the city there is a large market where you can buy figurines of the Thai gods, paintings, jewelry, and even handmade musical instruments.


But if you do not want to go that far, you can also find souvenirs in the store "Khao Lak Souvenir" near the beach Nang Tong.

It is forbidden to take out Buddha statuettes larger than 15 cm. The Thais consider it an insult to religion.

The most popular place among tourists is Nang Tong Supermarket. It offers a wide variety of goods, both household and grocery items. And near every beach you can find small stores, where in addition to household stuff you can buy ready-made frozen foods.

Beach vacation

Khao Lak beaches are well maintained and clean. In this quiet resort town you can relax on the white sand and swim in the clear sea water, which is not always possible on the other beaches of Thailand. There is enough space for vacationers here. The coastline stretches along the sea for ten kilometers. True, the beaches are mostly wild.


Only two of them are developed by tourists: Nang Tong and Bang Niang. The first is considered the most popular in the entire city. Near it you can find many cozy and inexpensive hotels and restaurants that provide a wide variety of food and drinks. From the shore you can see a lot of sea creatures, which previously you have seen only in photos:

  • Crab;
  • Turtles;
  • Exotic fish, etc.

 The southern part of Nang Tong Beach is also known among tourists as "Sunset Beach". Many tourists, when they come to this resort bring home photos of sea sunsets.


The beach called Bang Niang is more suitable for families. Many water rides, cozy loungers and massage parlors will find entertainment to the liking of both children and parents. In addition, near the beach is a snake farm and waterfall Chong Fa, so even beyond the beach vacation you will have something to do.

Less crowded, but therefore even more attractive beaches that are recommended to visit are Pakwip and Khao Lak. The latter attracts its natural beauty, which you want to keep in the photo as a memory of the trip. You will not find there neither sun loungers nor umbrellas, but as an alternative, you get the opportunity to relax in the shade of tall trees on the white sand.

Pakwip Beach, on the other hand, is almost deserted, but at the same time, attractive. Nearby are good five-star hotels and a Buddhist monastery Baan Pakwip.

Pakwip beach is the quietest and least developed in the tourist direction of the resort beach

In general, the boundaries between the individual beaches are rather conventional, and they are all available for recreation throughout the year. They are protected from storms by high reefs, so even during the monsoon you can go snorkeling, diving, or just to conquer the waves and take pictures against the background of the sea.


The most popular means of transportation to get around Khao Lak is:

  1. Knock-knock;
  2. Motobike;
  3. Car;
  4. Bicycle.

You can hire a tuk-tuk on your own route. At first the price may seem excessive, but you can bargain and negotiate to travel almost half the price. Negotiate the price before you leave, so that when you arrive you will not have conflicts with the driver because of misunderstandings.

Inquire about the cost of the trip, as payment may be made both per person and for the cost of the trip as a whole.

To explore the area independently, it is better to rent a motorcycle or scooter. There are two types of rentals: daily and monthly.

A day's rental costs about 200 baht, if you rent for a long time you get a significant discount. You can find vehicles near travel agencies, restaurants and Internet cafes. For renting you need a passport (or at least a copy) - it is desirable to leave a cash deposit, which many times increases the likelihood of not becoming a hostage to circumstances.

You can also rent a car on the island. All offices provide a selection of cars of different models at different costs. Remember that in order to drive a car on the roads of Thailand must have an international driver's license. The penalty for driving without documents is 500 baht.

The international driver's license comes into effect when you have a domestic driver's license, be careful, and don't forget to bring it with you.

 How to get there

There are no direct flights to Khao Lak, but there is an international airport on the neighboring island of Phuket. After arriving in Phuket you can take a cab to the tourist town. The trip takes just under an hour and costs about 1,200 baht.

But if you want to save money, you can take a bus. However, there is no direct flight, so you have to go first to the bus station, located in Phuket, and then change to another one to Khao Lak.

You can also go to Khao Lak from Bangkok. The trip in a comfortable bus costs about 500 baht. It takes about 10 hours to get from the South Bus Station to the resort.


Khao Lak can be reached by plane, bus, cab and even by bicycle.

The resort town of Khao Lak - a great place, both for family holidays, and for visiting with a group of friends. Beautiful scenery, clean nature and a huge variety of places for entertainment will make your vacation unforgettable.

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