What to talk about with Thai girls: don't be serious

What to talk about with Thai girls

Many men come to Thailand in search of a Thai girlfriend or wife. But it is not enough to just meet a girl and ask her out. It is important to understand what you can talk to her about, and what topics should be left aside. It is better to learn the language etiquette in advance, so as not to get into an unpleasant situation.

We can talk about food. For any Thai woman, talking about food is a very important topic. Tourists often joke: If you want to keep a conversation with a beautiful girl, start a conversation about culinary preferences. Thais love food more than anything else, so on the first date you can have a fun and relaxed conversation about something delicious. Thai girls will gladly discuss with you the menu, tell you about their preferences, restaurants, where they cook excellent food, grocery stores, where you can buy this or that product. The topic is so multifaceted that there is always something to discuss.

We can talk about shopping. In addition to talking about food, Thai girls like to discuss shopping. Shopping in Thailand is very popular: almost every day Thai women spend money on something useful and pleasant. A good solution would be to ask the lady of the heart about the best shopping malls, and then take her there. While shopping and discussing new trends in shoes, clothes, bags, DVDs, CDs, etc. the time will pass quickly, and you will have time to get to know each other better and make friends.

You can talk about family. Thai girls love their families more than anything else. Don't be surprised if your chosen one brings a member of her family on the first dates. The girl will be happy to tell you as much as possible about her parents, siblings, and at the first opportunity will share photos of relatives with you. The same reverent attitude towards the family she expects from the man, if of course he believes that his intentions are serious. So it makes sense to talk in detail about their loved ones: how they live, what they like to do, how the family spends their free time.

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You can make jokes. Thai girls love to make jokes. Your friend will laugh heartily if you throw in her direction a phrase about the number of noodles she has eaten. Young girls are proud of their slimness, but they do not mind a good meal, so your humor will be taken without offense.

Make jokes about her excessive shopping "appetite," her cute clothes, and don't forget to laugh at yourself. Study Thai diligently; Thais respect people who honor their culture. Prepare for the fact that the inept pronunciation of Thai words will cause your girlfriend to burst out laughing. You will like her even more.

Don't talk too much about work. Most Thai women like to gossip about what happens at work. But they are reluctant to talk about work as a process. Even ambitious, powerful Thai ladies try not to bring it up. And no one expects you to go into detail. It's enough to mention once what you do and then switch the conversation to something more interesting, like food or shopping.

Don't talk about money. A self-sufficient Thai girl is not at all interested in her beau's money. She won't want to know how much you earn. The more a guy boasts about his income, the more he loses his dignity in a girl's eyes.

You can talk about money when the relationship becomes more serious. And in the first meetings don't be lazy to treat her to delicious dinners, and she will be over the moon.

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Don't talk about sex. If your chosen one is not a bar girl, then talking about sex will be inappropriate. What seems common and acceptable to our men can disappoint your date. Even a trivial joke about sex can ruin a relationship. Such jokes Thai girl may take "in the hostility", thinking that you are looking for a completely different type of relationship. And she will quickly retreat to find a more worthy match.

Rarely a Thai woman is ready to support a conversation about politics, social issues, international news. Most women are happy to talk about the usual mundane things. And indeed, life is already too short to waste it on thinking about problems.

Communicating with a Thai girl is not difficult at all. Be friendly, polite and respectful, laugh and joke a lot, show her that you feel good with her. Don't pressurize her and avoid difficult topics, and you will see how quickly the barrier between you will break down and communication will become clear and mutual.

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