The city of Pattaya: a guide to Thailand's "noisy" resort

Pattaya is a resort center located on the Gulf of Thailand's Gulf of Thailand in Chonburi Province, southeast of Thailand. Officially, its territory is 22 square kilometers, its population is 100 thousand people.


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In the early 1960s it was just a small village. Thanks to American soldiers who took a fancy to the local beaches for recreation, gradually began to grow infrastructure. And in 1978, Pattaya was officially designated a city, and in the photo 80s it is already - a popular resort. Since 90s of the last century, Pattaya is also fond of tourists from the CIS countries.

The climatic conditions of the coast are favorable for recreation. Pattaya is well located, and therefore the sea is quiet, there are no storms. During the dry season (November-May), there may be some brief rains. During the rainy season, it rains mostly at night. Sea water temperature during the year stays at +26 ... +28.

Today Pattaya is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the kingdom of Thailand.

Tours in Pattaya are traditionally popular among holidaymakers from the CIS countries, especially those who are just beginning to get acquainted with the country of smiles. Maybe because from Pattaya you can easily and quickly get to the capital of the kingdom with its amazing sights.

Pattaya on the map of Thailand

Nearby is the famous River Kwai, popular tourist sites in Kanchanaburi Province. Relatively close are the famous northern cities of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. Pattaya is also attractive with inexpensive accommodation, shopping, entertainment, and more.

How to get there

Tourists usually buy tours that involve arriving through Suvarnabhumi Airport.

You will need to decide which way you prefer to get to Pattaya City. You can take a cab from both the arrivals hall and the departures hall. You can do this on your own. You can also order a car from the Public Taxi counters. The average fare is 1,500 baht.

Some tourists prefer to book a transfer in advance via the Internet. In this case you will be met at the airport with a sign and taken to the hotel in Pattaya.

If you have already booked a hotel or are included in the tour, you can use the hotel shuttle. On the first floor of the airport terminal, at Gate 8, there are bus ticket counters. Flights to Pattaya are served by two carriers: Airport Pattaya Bus, Bell Travel Service So. Fares are 122 baht and 250 baht.

Airport Pattaya Bus goes to Tappraya Bus Station in Jomtien. The bus travels on the Sukhumvit Ring Road and stops at the intersections of North, Central and South Streets. You have to get to the hotel on your own, by minivan or cab from 50 to 200 baht. 

Bell Travel Service So buses go to the North Pattaya Station, then transfer their passengers to minivans and take them to their hotels for free.

Three kilometers from Suvarnabhumi is the Public Transportation Center, which is also where the buses to Pattaya depart from. You can get to this center in 10-15 minutes by a free shuttle bus. It departs from the airport from gate 5 on the second and fourth floors of the station.

The following flights depart from the Public Transport Center for Pattaya:

  1. No. 389 - arrives at Pattaya North Station;
  2. No. 9905 - arrives at Tappraya Bus Station in Jomtien;
  3. No. 9906 - goes to Rayong, some flights go through Pattaya Utapao Airport.

If you decide to see the sights of Bangkok first and only then go to Pattaya, you have the option of taking a cab, bus or minivan to the resort.

  • Buses depart from Bangkok's South Bus Station, Ekkamai and Mochit Bus Stations.
  • Minivans leave from the stop near Victoria Monument.

If you are coming to Pattaya from neighboring resorts via Outapao Airport, it is worth knowing that you can take a cab or minibus to the city from the airport for 250 baht.

From Phuket and Samui there is a regular bus service, the bus ticket costs about 1000 baht. From Hua Hin and Cha-Am it's 400 baht. Buses arrive at the North Bus Station.

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There are a lot of beaches in Pattaya, they are scattered along the coastline. But the sea water and sand are not clean. This is especially true for the beach area of the Central District of Pattaya. A little better situation: the beach Jomtien, Wongamat and Naklua - here the sea is cleaner.

All beaches are a paradise for lovers of water activities: windsurfing, riding a banana, parachute, water skiing. Lovers of coral, white sand, photo hunting and recreation away from the noise of the city, go to the neighboring small islands of Pattaya.

Some of the islands are ferry crossings, 30 baht and a 40-minute trip. Others can only be reached by speedboat for 150 baht, 15 minutes. All sea transport departs from Bali Hai Pier.


There are no problems with accommodation in Pattaya, there are more than 250 hotels and over 400 guest houses. Everyone can find a place to afford. After all, the resort is traditionally considered inexpensive. Before choosing a hotel, it is worth deciding on the area which is suitable for housing is for you. They all differ from each other by infrastructure, noise level, and liveliness. To navigate better, refer to a map of Pattaya, or an article about the areas of Pattaya.

Many people stay in the kingdom for long periods of time and prefer to stay in condominiums and ghettos. A room with air conditioning can cost as little as 5,000 baht per month. And if you need daily accommodation, you can get by with 300 baht a day, or you can rent for 3000 baht.

Most hotels provide free internet service. In all Central Pattaya - free Wi-Fi. And if you choose a budget accommodation, you will probably have to pay about 300 baht extra for Internet.

Inexpensive accommodation, popular with tourists:

  • Bella Villa Serviced Apartment;
  • Suppamitr Villa Hotel;
  • Pattaya Garden Hotel.

Popular 5 star hotels in Pattaya:

  • Hilton Hotel Pattaya;
  • Pattaya Marriott Resort & Spa;
  • Dusit Thani Hotel Pattaya.

Popular 4-star hotels:

  • Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya;
  • Garden Cliff Resort & Spa;
  • Four Seasons Place Hotel.

Pattaya also has luxury hotels. It is better to book accommodation in advance.

Entertainment and attractions

Pattaya is a great entertainment center, which does not let its guests get bored, day or night. The entertainment here is for all tastes: first of all - beach recreation, including active recreation. 

Shopping in Pattaya is not inferior to the capital - low prices for all goods. Many shopping malls, hypermarkets, supermarkets, markets, including night markets. Traditional sea activities: diving, snorkeling, fishing.

The nightlife is boisterous. A lot of discos, nightclubs, various entertainment events. Massage parlors, a variety of beer bars, the famous Wolkin Street, which comes alive with the first twilight and does not quiet down until morning. 

In Pattaya, there are many parks and entertainment centers where the whole family can relax. Karting, tennis, golf, shooting, elephant rides through the jungle - not a complete list of entertainment.

Lovers and professionals of photography and video will be able to capture the exotic corners of Thailand as a memory. Lovers of good food will also be pleased. Catering establishments are at every turn. From street macashnikas to expensive restaurants. Menus range from traditional Thai dishes to a variety of international cuisine.

Attractions offered to tourists to visit, located both in the city and in the suburbs. The most popular attractions are: The Temple of Truth, the Big Buddha, the Mini Siam Park, the oceanarium, and zoos. You can visit the farms of crocodiles, tigers, elephants, oysters.

Nong Nuch Garden, with its famous orchid greenhouse. Floating market, where shoppers travel by boat, and much more. Sightseeing can visit on their own, or you can book tours at local travel agencies, of which there are many in Pattaya.

We organize tours to other cities in Thailand. For example, a trip to Bangkok takes only two hours, and the most famous sights of the kingdom are at your service.

The sights of Pattaya


The transportation system is well developed and it is easy to get anywhere in Pattaya. Songteo is a public transportation system. They are Japanese blue pickup trucks converted for passenger transportation. There are two parallel benches, handrails and a roof. In the photo you can see that passengers who don't fit into the cabin stand on the back step of the sunteo. This is a common sight in Thailand.

The fare is 10 baht. If you are going to the outlying areas of the city, you have to pay 20 baht. On the Sukhumvit Circuit Highway, there is a white sungteo. The fare is 20 baht depending on distance. To get a sense of the local traffic, get a map with the routes of the sungteo at your hotel in Pattaya.

You don't have to look for a stop to use the songteo, except for the end stops marked on the map of Pattaya, there are simply none. Stop at any point along the route.

You can also use the services of a songteo (tuk-tuk), but they work to order. They will take you anywhere. You can see them parked near large supermarkets, entertainment centers and beaches. A lot of cabs are near Wolkin Street and Bali Hai Pier (where Pattaya's waterways come to stay). The tuk-tuk price is 100 baht per car (10-12 seats). But at night it can go up to 400-500 baht. About tuk tuk in Pattaya

Taxi-Meter In Thailand, cars are common to Europeans. They are parked in the same place as the tuk-tuks. The cars are equipped with meters, but the drivers may offer you a fixed payment. It is worth learning how to bargain with them, stipulating the price, or demand to turn on the meter.

Cab drivers go not only around the city, they can take you to another locality. For example, a cab from Pattaya to Suvarnabhumi Airport will cost from 1300 baht. You can stop the cab yourself on the street, order through numerous travel agencies or by phone from the hotel.

Buses and minivans are the intercity transport in Pattaya. From all of the resort's bus stations, buses and minivans go to other cities and resort centers in Thailand.

Mototaxi - It's a regular two-wheeled motorcycle, and the passenger just sits on the back of the driver.

central beach promenade

The price depends on the distance. For 2-3 kilometers you will be charged 30 baht. For longer distances prices start at 50 baht and can go up to 150 baht. Don't be surprised if you hear motorcycles, tuk-tuks or cabs honking in the street, they offer you a ride. It is not customary to walk in Thailand.

Leased transportation. If you prefer to travel in private vehicles, a car or motorcycle can be rented here everywhere. Prices: motorcycle - 150 baht per day, a month - 2500 baht; car - 700 baht per day. For tourists traveling in a small group, a car is a good option. To navigate the roads in Pattaya City, do not forget to take a map of Pattaya.

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