Kayaking in the village of Ban Bortor

Kayaking in the village of Ban Bortor

The tour starts from the Bor Tor pier, from where tourists set off by canoe on a path that runs through picturesque mangroves. Ban Bor Thor is a small fishing village located in the Than Bok Khorani National Park, which has a complex system of rivers, bays and limestone caves.

The village is one of the earliest sites of human occupation in Thailand and is rich in archaeological treasures, artifacts and cave paintings. Many of these caves can only be accessed by kayak.

Kayaking in the village of Ban Bortor

On the route you will find a breathtaking cave, Tham Lot, through which you will need to swim. Thousand-year-old stalactites and stalagmites hang from the ceiling, and they try to touch you on the head.

Do not be afraid, the water level in the cave does not stay - so the journey is guaranteed safe! Pee Hua Toh Cave, there is a legend that this cave arose about 2000 - 3000 years ago. It has prehistoric wall paintings, which testifies to the residence of ancient people who did not have a written language and an alphabet.

There are more than 200 images in the cave, but the most "popular" of them is a drawing of a mythical animal that looks like a combination of a zebra and an upright lamb.

Kayaking in the village of Ban Bortor

It is this symbol that the province of Ao Luke took for itself and produced many sculptures that are found throughout the province. Also, it was reported that human skulls were found here, so the cave was nicknamed "Pee Hua Toh", which literally means "Ghost Cave".

Lodskaya Cave North (Tam Lod Nuea) is the only open-air cave. You can get into it only by kayak and accompanied by an experienced guide, as the path is so confusing that you can easily get lost. After a busy journey, you will have lunch on the pier, in a Thai restaurant.

 Kayaking in the village of Ban Bortor


  • 08:30 Transfer from the hotel
  • 10:00 Arrive at Ban Bor Tor village
  • 10:30 Meet the guide; selection of equipment
  • 10:40 Kayaking through the picturesque mangroves
  • 12:00 Lunch at a Thai restaurant
  • 12:30 Transfer to the hotel

What to take with you: 

  • Sunscreen
  • waterproof bag
  • Good mood
  • Swimwear
  • Headgear
  • Sunglasses
  • Beach towel

The price includes:

– Transfer from / to the hotel

– Equipment rental (kayak)

- Drinking water

– Lunch (Thai cuisine)

— Accident insurance

– Guide services

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