What to try in Thailand from the food?

Food in Thailand

A striking difference from the menu we are used to is typical for Thai cuisine and can confuse those who have visited this amazing country for the first time.

So what to try in Thailand from food in order to fully appreciate such an original mixture of tastes and enjoy the mouth-watering and delicious masterpieces of local culinary specialists?

It is worth noting the opportunity to buy any dish almost everywhere - from portable kitchens located right on the streets to cozy cafes and respectable restaurants.

Almost any culinary creation is based on incredible combinations of extremely spicy, burning and at the same time sweet flavoring ingredients formed from chili pepper, tamarind, lemongrass, garlic, basil and coconut milk. But not very spicy dishes are specially prepared for tourists, more accustomed to the perception of the European stomach.

So what do you need to try in Thailand from a huge selection without danger to your body and with maximum pleasure from this exotic, completely different cuisine?

Not spicy food

Let's get acquainted with the menu, in which there is practically no pepper and other similar seasonings. Such recipes are especially relevant for travelers with children. An important nuance - when ordering, you can make a clarification that spices should be in a minimum amount or excluded from the list of ingredients during cooking.

  1. Khao Pad Gai

The process of bringing the classic fried rice with chicken and vegetables to readiness takes place right in front of the client. To fried rice and chicken, which is thrown into a well-heated wok after pre-boiling, soy sauce is added and thoroughly mixed with the main components.

It turns out a hearty and tasty dish that will cost you only 45-70 THB.

Khao Pad Gai

2. Khao Man Gai

At almost every point you can see whole chicken carcasses boiled to an incredibly beautiful shine. After receiving the order, such blanks are cut into neat slices and laid out on boiled rice. Serving requires the obligatory presence of greens and a cup of chicken broth. You can be sure that such food is ideal for a small child.

And adults, if desired, dip pieces of amazing meat in peanut or some other sauce. 40 baht is the minimum cost of this classic dish.

Khao Man Gai

3. Pad Thai

Outwardly simple, but with its secret recipes, the delicacy is sure to be on the list of what to try in Thailand from food for every tourist. Fried noodles with shrimp drizzled with peanut sauce are prepared in several stages. To begin with, it is scalded with boiling water, and then fried along with a mixture of sauces. The shrimp themselves are cooked on the highest possible fire.

A special serving recipe is the presence, in combination with the main components, of carefully chopped peanuts, soy sprouts and various sauces. The price starts from 50 baht.

4. Pad Xi Yu

A luxurious range of flavors is inherent in the favorite dish of many Thais - fried noodles with shrimp in fish sauce. The original flat noodles are cooked with the addition of tamarind, soy and fish sauces. Bamboo sprouts and an abundance of large and juicy shrimp add piquancy to taste sensations.

5. Mango Sticky Rice

A wonderful dessert is the true pride of Thai chefs. Anyone who has tried the unique combination of glutinous rice with mango will forever remember this original and incomparable taste. A special variety of rice boiled in coconut milk is in perfect harmony with the mango served with it.

Healthy and inexpensive dish is very popular with children. You can buy a treat for 70 baht.

But what to try in Thailand from food in the classic version with an abundance of hot spices? Let's try to find out the secrets of the most popular recipes.

Mango Sticky Rice

Spicy dishes

Despite the huge selection, there are several must-tasting creations of culinary art.

  1. Tom Yum Kung

In this spicy soup, everyone can ask the chef to prepare it according to personal preferences. Some people like a large number of shrimp, others an abundance of coconut milk, and extreme people prefer a real fire in their mouths. Acquaintance with the amazing country will be incomplete if you do not try the fiery Tam Yam with seafood.

A portion will cost an average of 85-100 baht.

Mango Sticky Rice

2. Green curry

The burning taste of red or green curry is impossible to confuse with something else. There are two main recipes for the dish - a pasty mass served in small portions, and a vessel with a large amount of shrimp or chicken in the soup.

You can cool the fire in the mouth and stomach with cold rice noodles served with curry for this purpose. You need to pay for such exotic from 60 baht.

3. Guy Sate

In all crowded places, you can taste chicken skewers pre-marinated in special sauces. Tender pieces of meat strung on sticks are selected raw by the buyer and cooked in front of his eyes.

During roasting, they are smeared with sauce and sprinkled with pepper. Pieces of pineapple are always placed between servings of meat. If you are wondering what to try in Thailand first of all, choose the incomparable and fantastic Gai Sate!

4. Som Tam

The original spicy papaya salad is prepared according to a special recipe. The green fruits of the main ingredient cut into shavings, dried shrimps, peanuts, tomatoes and peppers are placed in the mortar. Then everything is poured with a mixture of fish and soy sauces and pressed down until the juice appears on the surface. The final touch - lime is squeezed onto the finished dish.

This unusual and very tasty delicacy costs from 40 baht.

Som Tam

5. Lab Mu

Various versions of the delicious pork salad have a common rule - roasting shredded pieces of meat along with the liver. And each cook makes additions of rice and onions, herbs and mint in his own way. The presence of fish sauce and a large amount of spices in the dish is mandatory.

Historically, the desire to taste food in Thailand is not just the satisfaction of natural human needs, but contact with one of the main attractions of an amazingly beautiful country, which is on a par with the world's best beaches and fabulous palaces.

Lab Mu

Bon appetit and unforgettable impressions!

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