Thailand's Best Islands

Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Beautiful weather all year round, even in the rainy season it is quite comfortable, warm sea, gorgeous beaches, hotels and entertainment for all tastes, a huge number of colorful sights, beautiful nature - all this attracts travelers from all over the world.

Add to this the low cost of both tours and independent travel - and you get just the perfect place for a vacation. Visitors enjoy special attention islands. There are more than two and a half hundred, each with its own characteristics. We select the best islands of Thailand, the most popular and interesting.


The largest and most tourist-abundant island. It is a Mecca for those who love beaches and water sports. Despite the literal crowds of tourists, the cleanliness here is perfect. Surprisingly, the surrounding nature seems untouched. If you do not look at the hotels and vacationers, you would think that people have not yet got here.

Phuket Island

In Phuket, as elsewhere in Thailand, scuba diving is excellent. The underwater world is so diverse that it is simply impossible to look at it.

People come here from mid-spring to the end of autumn. The rest of the time it rains, the sea waves rise, but it's still warm.


If you've never been here, just watch the commercials for the famous chocolate bar with "juicy coconut flesh," and you'll realize what a paradise this place is. Yes, this is the same Bounty Island where the popular commercial was filmed. No wonder travelers from all over the world come to Samui - it is second only to Phuket in popularity. However, this can be explained by the smaller size of the island and a modest number of hotels, but not the low quality of service. Everything is on the top level! Like the beaches with perfectly soft and clean sand.

Samui Island

Samui is usually chosen by families with children. Here prefers a more relaxed types of recreation, if you want extreme, choose other places. On Koh Samui is popular diving. And also here organize chic excursions around the island. Nature is amazing! Waterfalls, lush lush greenery and, of course, the main star - the sea. What else do you need for a better holiday?

Ko Lipe

The amazingly white sand of the beaches attracts people here. Sometimes it seems that in the bright sun it literally blinds the eyes. The beaches have a gentle entrance to the sea, which is ideal for children, so there are a lot of families.

Ko Lipe Island

Ko Lipe is small, but from there you can easily get to many nearby islands, including uninhabited, and spend there all day. The cleanliness around is amazing. By the way, the trash, left by many tourists, is recycled here in the ultra-modern plants. You will never feel their presence, and it's not just appearance - the technology is such that the environment is not polluted at all.


The best place for those who value sustainability and dream of living in harmony with nature. The island of Samet in Thailand is part of a national park, so the cleanliness and preservation of the environment are particularly carefully monitored here. Only a small part of the resort is given up to tourists, 80 percent is covered by virgin forest. Of course, there are numerous tours through them, but with the observance of strict rules and laws.

Samet Island

The beaches of Samet are good, as elsewhere in Thailand. Tourists have access to the full range of water activities. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle, it is better to go to the south of the island. The main mass of hotels is concentrated in the north, so it is always crowded and noisy.

Ko Tapu

It's hard to believe, but not so long ago, Thailand could not boast the attention of tourists. It was more for desperate lovers of the exotic than for entire families from all over the world. The infrastructure is not that it was not developed - it simply did not exist. Until 1974, when one of the films about the adventures of the famous Agent 007 was released.

Talu Island

Thailand was chosen as one of the sets for the picture, and the audience couldn't help but notice the marvelous view that appears in the scene of the main character's final battle with evil. The picturesque rock, standing in the sea, diverted attention even from the colorful characters and became a kind of symbol of the paradise country. And two years later in Thailand began to actively build hotels for tourists. And holidaymakers settled in them.

Today Ko Tapu is known as Bond Island in Thailand. Here all the time take excursions. However, for those who are not interested in just taking pictures against the backdrop of a rock, there is a lot of entertainment. This is a wonderful beach, and explore the local nature, diving, etc.

In Thailand, everyone chooses their favorite island. All of them are equally magnificent. Tourist interest in this region is only growing, because the islands, which previously were practically deserted, literally before our eyes are becoming centers of rich life.

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