Review of car rental companies in Pattaya

Cars in Pattaya

Pattaya is one of the most popular resorts in Thailand. Thousands of tourists come here to enjoy the hot sun, wonderful sandy beaches, warm sea and local attractions.

Of course, all this is not gathered in one place, sunbathing every day on the same beach is boring, and if you come on your own, you must also think about food, make interesting routes. In any case, sooner or later the question of mobility becomes acute, because the distances at the resort are not insignificant.

Therefore, most tourists visit car rental offices in Pattaya. There is nothing difficult in the rental process itself, if you have a license and money, but it is possible to get into trouble, even if from your side you have done everything correctly.

Unfortunately, irresponsible "businessmen" can be found anywhere in the world, and Thailand is no exception. The following is a detailed analysis of the companies that offer rentals to tourists, and make appropriate conclusions.

Let's start with a large and popular service It is an aggregator of offers, through which you can book a car anywhere in the world. What does it offer? The main thing, of course, is the enormous choice.

Here you can easily find everything: all makes, models, sizes, features and, of course, prices. Perhaps the only option when you won't be offered anything is if you don't have any money. But you can always find something on the budget. But if you need a more serious car, there is a place to go.

A big plus is the powerful 24-hour support. It starts at the stage of selecting a vehicle, when you finally get confused with them and can't figure out what to stop at. So feel free to contact us - our managers are always happy to answer all your questions. The same applies to all points of further interaction with the service - at any time of the day or night the guys are in touch and solve problems promptly.

The offers on are from proven companies that have proven their worth. The same applies to private rentals. If there are any complaints about the rental companies, that's a reason to break up with them.

The resource values its reputation, and that is good, because no one wants to get another headache instead of vacation, which we usually have too much of. The site itself is very convenient, the search works great, you can manage your booking online, you do not have to pay anything for the cancellation.

Maks Car Rental

The next notable candidate is This company is called Maks Car Rental and deals exclusively with reservations in Pattaya. The terms and conditions of the service are quite standard, as long as it does not come to the point of cancelling the reservation.

Here Maks Car Rental warns you that you will be charged an advance payment of 3,000 Baht (which is more than 6,000 rubles, by the way, not a small amount), only after that the car will be reserved for you. That would be fine, but the prepayment amount will not be returned if for any reason (absolutely any!) You have to cancel the trip. Unpleasant thing.

Next, it is worth paying attention to the reviews, because they raise a lot of questions because of the abundance of dissatisfied customers. Mostly people complain about overpricing, but here it is a question for the customers themselves, because everyone has the right to compare different offers before making a decision about cooperation.

Chips on the car

But overpriced cars are not good and are a disadvantage to your karma. Much more alarming are the stories about the incomprehensible damages of cars (scratches, chips), which are put on the tenant and, accordingly, we have to pay for them, and not a small amount.

All this against a backdrop of many enthusiastic comments about the service, of which there are about the same number. This is alarming, because the company cannot work 50% good and 50% bad. Thoughts arise about bought fake reviews. Not to throw around accusations, but the company is not recommended.

Alliance Pro

Next in our review is This is Alliance Pro, which also works exclusively in Pattaya. Its offer is standard, you can book a car with any characteristics for any time you need, ranging from short-term rentals to perhaps years, if anyone is interested.

Rent a car in Pattaya

The company has very attractive prices, and they eliminate such an unpleasant thing as non-payment in advance (which the previous company also sins). Judging by the reviews of clients, the cars are provided in perfect condition, after a thorough inspection. If any disputes arise, they are resolved as loyally as possible. We come to the conclusion that the company is noteworthy.


The last candidate for your attention is A company with attractive prices and terms of cooperation. It offers the service of renting a car with a driver. Reviews say that on the whole the impression leaves a pleasant one. The minimum rental period is three days, so if you need a car for a day, then choose another option. But in general you can apply.

As you can see, renting a car in Pattaya can be difficult if you contact the wrong service. We hope our tips will help you avoid trouble.

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