Islands of Thailand for recreation

Thailand is a tropical paradise, which has everything you need for a quality vacation. In recent years, the destination has gained immense popularity among travelers, in addition, tours to Thailand are now very affordable. The nature of this stunning country is already worth the trip here. Tropical lush vegetation, gorgeous beaches and fabulously gentle warm sea awaits all who come here. Most of the country is located on the mainland, on the peninsulas of Malacca and Indochina.

But numerous islands play an important role in the tourism business. There are more than two and a half hundred of them. Let's figure out what islands in Thailand are the best for recreation. As a spoiler let's say that all. Just everyone chooses the places that are most suitable for the realization of their desires.


One of the most party islands, so let's start there. It is loved by young people and people who do not want to sleep at night. There are nightclubs, parties until morning, dance floors right on the beach, impressive entertainment shows.

When the day comes, vacationers head for the chic beaches. Here you can choose from all kinds of water activities. You can always go to explore the island for local attractions or just lie on the soft sand.

Samet Island

However, not all of Samet is infinitely rocking. There are plenty of quiet places where families with children come. You can also find secluded corners for communicating with nature and yourself.


Like almost all of Thailand's vacation islands, Tau is incredibly versatile. First of all, it is a real Mecca for divers. There are many quiet coves with coral reefs, among which swim numerous colorful fish. There are places suitable for beginners scuba divers and experienced divers.

Koh Tao Island

The center of attraction of Tau is Sayri Beach. Here are concentrated hotels, numerous cafes, restaurants and bars. Therefore, there are always a lot of people on the beach. Most of them, by the way, are busy not at all swimming and tanning, but boisterous fun.

But it's easy to escape all this by going to the mountains, where the air is crystal clear, thoughts are cleared, and nature speaks only to you.


If you're looking for the most beautiful islands in Thailand for a vacation, then surely Phuket must be on this list. It is perfect! Phuket is the largest island, it has many luxury hotels. Perfectly clean beaches and the sea, caressing the skin in a warm embrace - there is nothing better for those who love to lie in the sun and swim.

Phuket Island

The island's nature seems untouched, so diligent are the locals in preserving it. The many tours around Phuket help you see the most interesting sights and enjoy the unique views.

By the way, almost everyone here speaks Russian, which is incredibly convenient.

Ko Chang

The second largest island in Thailand. Because of its specific natural conditions, there are not as many tourists here as on, for example, Phuket. The fact is that most of the territory is occupied by the jungle, through which only the locals are able to break through. In some places impenetrable thickets alternate with no less impregnable mountains, which is also not happy. However, the views of all this wealth - amazing!

Ko Chang Island

The beaches of Chang are great. If you want, you can find all kinds of entertainment here, but mostly come here to swim and sunbathe. However, it does not do without the parties. The prices are quite low - just what you need for budget tourists.


A very interesting island, where several different worlds come together. The northeast of the island is reserved for tourists who can't imagine a vacation without a busy nightlife. There are endless parties from dusk till dawn and from dawn till dusk. If you're in this part of the island at any time of the day, you can join in on the fun.

The South is the home of the Thais. There are traditional fishing villages, you can always buy fresh seafood and cook it for mere pennies. In the south there are very few people, beautiful coves completely deserted, perfect for solitude in the lap of nature.

Samui Island

Travel between the fashionable north and the patriarchal south is very easy - rent a scooter and you can easily move in any direction.

By the way, Koh Samui is a great place for family vacations, where there is plenty of entertainment for children and quite calm.

Ko Lipe

The best beaches in Thailand are located here. Objectively speaking, it is almost impossible to find bad ones here, but on Ko Lipa they are perfect. This is the softest and finest white sand, striking its pristine beauty. If you want to get in an environmentally friendly place - you're here.

Ko Lipe Island

Ko Lipa is extremely sensitive to everything that concerns the environment. There is no infringement of nature here, the hotels fit perfectly into the existing landscape.

When choosing between the islands of Thailand, do not be afraid to miscalculate. The communication between them is very well developed, so you can always go where you like it best.

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