Holidays in Thailand without trouble

Holidays in Thailand without trouble

The perfect vacation in Thailand

For many, a vacation in Thailand is an anticipation of holiday and relaxation. But vacation in a foreign country with a foreign culture, language and life can be dangerous. So you need to be prepared for everything even before you buy last minute tours and go to enjoy the sea and the sun.

Here are some simple rules of conduct and safety on vacation in Thailand. First, going out on the streets or on the beach, always take with you a set of documents. Of course, the passport is better not to carry everywhere, but a photocopy of your passport does not hurt. And you can also take a copy of insurance policy. In case of injuries or other health problems, having these copies can make things easier.

When you arrive, buy a SIM card for your cell phone so you can make cheap calls within the country. You may need to call a travel agent, a guide, a hotel, or call a cab. That way you can order dinner at a restaurant or make reservations for a show.

It is also important to understand the culture and dress code before you fly to Thailand. If you plan to visit the cultural or religious sites of this country, it is better to put more or less conservative outfits in your suitcase beforehand. This applies to both women and men. In temples or museums can not go in shorts or miniskirts, as well as in open T-shirts. Swimsuits can be worn only on the beach, but for the streets too revealing outfits are not suitable. They may cause disapproval of the local population.

It is also important to protect yourself and your skin from the sun and burns. Thailand's sun is very aggressive by the standards of the inhabitants of the middle zone and the north of Russia. Therefore, it is better to stock up on sunscreen products for the skin. Immediately upon arrival, it is better not to abuse the sun baths or staying in the sun. After all, so not too long to get a heat stroke or sunstroke and instead of resting on the beach "enjoy" vacation in a hospital bed.

These simple rules will help you avoid trouble and get a boost of energy on vacation in Thailand.

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