How to buy normal mayonnaise in Thailand?

Thais are not in the habit of writing ingredient lists in English on labels. To identify among the hieroglyphic hooks the word sugar - you just have to remember once what its spelling looks like.

Picture 3: I have written the Thai word for sugar - us tan - with a pen especially for you. But please note that the Thais have more than ten different scripts. And each time it may look slightly different. But you can identify it anyway. น้ำตาล

Special features: above the first letter, similar to our N, there is a circle and a two. The second is a cane. The third is a letter with a parting of the head. Again a cane. And a wheelchair. Well, now you know what the word sugar looks like in Thai.

Next to it and look at the percentages. 0% is good, 1% is fine, 36 % is no good! Juices and yogurts should be selected according to the same principle. And even sausages. Well, you know...

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