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The province of Ranong, located in close proximity to the Indian Ocean and Myanmar, attracts tourists not only because of the visa renewal. Travelers are attracted by the sights, of which there are many on the mainland and the islands. The most popular place here is the hot springs.


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There are several thermal pools in Ranong. Some are in Ngao and Lam Nam Kraburi National Parks, and others can be found by signs along the road. The best and most popular are the springs of Raksawarin Park (RaksawarinHotSprings). They are located right in the city and they are really worth a visit. A cab from anywhere in town to the springs costs within 100 baht.

The park is located in the center of the city and is a fully equipped complex, where visitors can take healing baths, swim in the pool and use showers and toilets. The spa centers, hotels and restaurants located here will help you spend an unforgettable day with health benefits.

Raksawarin Hot Springs & Public Park
Address: Chon Ra-u Road, Tambon Khao Niwet, Amphoe Mueang Ranong
Coordinates: 9.958619, 98.651118
Hours of operation: 5 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Hot springs are a favorite place of Thais who take care of themselves. They are usually people in their 40s and 50s. The healing waters were visited by King Rama V in 1890 Raksavarin. The modern park is several pools located along the river. The temperature in the hot springs is 65 degrees. The pools are slightly cooler - about 40 degrees.

Raksawarin Park (Ranong Hot Springs)

In Raksavarin Park you will find another special feature - a gazebo with a hot floor. Visitors rest and warm themselves here before visiting the therapeutic baths. To lie for 20 minutes on a towel is considered the norm. Of course, you can also do it after the water treatment.

Paid thermal bath

To rejuvenate, gain strength, get rid of illnesses and rest - all this can be done in one go. For the effect of treatment to be noticeable, it is better to visit the thermal waters regularly, which is what many locals do.


You can visit the hot springs absolutely free of charge. You will need bathing equipment and a towel to rest comfortably. Bring water with you.

Other drinks and food are strictly forbidden. You can buy them here in the park. You can also take a bath in the hot tubs for a fee. For 40 baht you can rent a towel.

Namtok Ngao National Park

Near Ranong is another national park with hot springs - Namtok Ngao (Namtok Ngao).

The only difference with Raksavarin is the entrance fee. Of the sights worth seeing here is the Ngao waterfall, 300 meters high. The cost of entry: 100 baht for adults, 50 baht for children.

Benefits and contraindications

For bathing in thermal springs to bring the desired benefit, it is necessary to observe a number of simple rules:

  • You can bathe in baths for 10-15 minutes, then a break of 5 minutes is necessary.
  • Hot baths are recommended no more than three times a day.
  • Take a shower before your visit

The comfort of visiting the thermal baths will be complemented by the absence of sulfur odor and the purest water. The natural beauty has not gone unnoticed by Buddhist monks - nearby is the beautiful temple complex of Wat Tapotharam. Prayers, nature and the benefits of water - a perfect combination for the healing effect. But like any therapeutic procedure, relaxation in thermal waters has its contraindications. Visiting the baths is not recommended:

  • People with diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Visitors with heart disease
  • In the presence of open wounds
  • If there are skin irritations
  • Under the influence of alcohol

Many people go to Ranong for visa-rans, a trip to renew their visas. From here it is easy to get to Myanmar, where the immigration office is located. Thus, visiting the national parks with their attractions and thermal baths provides a great opportunity to rest and gain strength before traveling.

You can arrange your own trip to the immigration office. By car or by bus - your trip will be pleasant and interesting.


In addition to the listed parks, Ranong and its surroundings offer a wide range of attractions.

Bald Hills

The hills transport us to the shores of New Zealand or Switzerland, where such grasslands are so common. The beauty and scenic beauty of the area is complemented by views of the waterfall in Ngao Park and the Ranonga countryside.

Coordinates: 9.867505, 98.618304

Mount Fa Chi

There is an observation deck here, offering unforgettable views of Myanmar and the river islands.

Khao Fa Chi Viepoint

Coordinates: 10.189103, 98.713889

Ranonga Canyon

The lake, located on the site of a former tin mine, was named Canyon by the local population.

Fresh water, picturesque shores - the natural components of a pleasant stay in the fresh air.

Coordinates: 9.934877, 98.685808

Ratanarangsan Palace

The unusual teak palace was moved to the city center. It had previously occupied a nearby hill and had to give way to City Hall.

Here you can stroll through a small park and visit the temple, where there are statues of the 9 monks.

The province is characterized by excessive rainfall. It rains eight months a year. Thus, the sun shines for residents and tourists for only four months.

As for the food, here you can appreciate all the delights of Thai cuisine. The abundance of exotic dishes will complement the local color and help you to get in touch with this wonderful country.

As you can see, not a very popular tourist destination in Thailand at a closer look opens up its new facets and begins to play with all the colors. The thermal waters of Ranong are an important, but by no means the only attraction of the province.

To visit Ranong and explore the national parks with waterfalls, hills and mountains is a task for any tourist going for a visa to Myanmar. The beauty of nature, the majesty of the temple buildings and, of course, the thermal waters will remind you of themselves with sweet languor upon your return to your home country.

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