Fishing in Thailand: useful tips for tourists

Fishing in Thailand: useful tips for tourists

Fishing is one of the most interesting activities for tourists. Such a hobby in Thailand has long been put on a commercial basis. You will be offered tours for sea fishing or freshwater fishing, squid fishing, as well as night and underwater fishing. It is here that there are many fishing places, compared to other Asian countries.


  • The pleasure of fishing in Thailand
  • What is fishing in Pattaya
  • Fishing in Koh Samui
  • Benefits of Fishing in Phuket

Today, sea fishing in Thailand is divided into bottom fishing and trolling. Any tourist can choose a vacation option to their liking: excursions for professionals and amateurs. If you are traveling with a group, you can take a private boat. If you are alone, you can go with a group. Such fishing is cheaper, but your options in this case are limited. In addition to sea fishing in Thailand, you can get a good catch in the lakes. Basically, these are artificially created reservoirs.

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There are not only one-time trips, but also whole fishing tours for several days - from 3 days. The cost of such a tour starts from 1500$. Fishing takes place in Pattaya, off the islands of Phuket, Koh Samui, Phi Phi, etc.

In Thailand, you can find the following types of fish:

  • barracudas;
  • dorado fish;
  • clown fish;
  • small sharks.

Fishing in Thailand is an amusing and amazing hobby, and the “monsters” caught will surprise and delight everyone.

The pleasure of fishing in Thailand

Fishing in Thailand is pure pleasure. But there is only one minus - it is not available to everyone, because this occupation is quite expensive. The most important thing that fishing in Thailand will require is to stock up on good and strong gear.

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Recently, sports competitions have been held in Thailand for the volume and speed of the catch. Among experienced anglers, such competitions are very popular.

What is fishing in Pattaya

Among the wide variety of outdoor activities, fishing in Pattaya is especially popular. The reason is not only in the developed tourist infrastructure, which presents this type of recreation in a favorable light, but also in the fact that Pattaya is one of the most fishy places in the country.

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Fishing in Pattaya is something special, like an interesting adventure that brings incredible emotions, energy and real trophies.

A potential tourist can choose from several attractive options - freshwater, Predator Lake and exotic fish. You do not need to purchase equipment, since the rental of gear is included in the cost of fishing.

The peculiarity of such a pastime in Pattaya is the opportunity to hunt a certain type of fish. Another nice point is that you can get a good catch almost all year round.

Fishing in Koh Samui

Koh Samui is located in the Gulf of Thailand of the Pacific Ocean and fishing is also indispensable here.

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Fishing on Koh Samui is an individual approach, not a collective trip to the sea. This is Koh Samui snorkeling offered by local enterprising fishermen, and in addition to trips to coral reefs, both day and night fishing is arranged.

Benefits of Fishing in Phuket

Every fisherman, once in Phuket, will not miss the opportunity to replenish his list of trophies with large sea or lake fish. Fishing competitions are constantly held on the island. Fishing in Phuket is very popular due to the huge number of large, exotic species of fish. It is noteworthy that the fish there are not scared, this makes the process very interesting.

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The number of fish, its size, the presence of a professional guide who knows the habitats and habits of fish, make it possible to make fishing successful even for a beginner. Even in Phuket it is possible to do night fishing or go hunting for sharks.

The best time for fishing in Phuket is from November to March. And in the rainy season you can catch big fish, the bite at this time is better than in other months.

Fishing is highly developed on the island. Gradually enterprising fishermen are retrained as guides. This way of earning thanks to the influx of tourists brings a good income. Groups of up to eight people are usually recruited. This number of tourists is optimal so that the guide has time to pay attention to everyone.

  • If your choice fell on sea fishing, then it is cheaper to rent a boat for a company.
  • Whether it is lake or sea fishing in Phuket, the organizer provides all the required tackle and bait.
  • If fishing is carried out in a resort, then only certain types of complementary foods are used for fishing, so as not to harm the inhabitants of the reservoir.

Sea fishing in Phuket is more popular than lake fishing. Its program is the same: you are picked up by minivan from the designated place and brought to the port of Chalong. First, trolling is offered, i.e. catching fish at the time of the movement of the vessel, then, when you approach the island of Racha, you can go bottom fishing.

In the mornings, fishing in Phuket is worse than in the afternoon or in the late afternoon. But no need to be upset if you didn’t manage to catch anything, you’ll be lucky when trolling on the way back to Phuket.

Some manage to catch tuna, especially lucky ones may well be lucky with a catch of marlin, dorado or wahoo. The caught fish can be cooked for you right away or, if you went fishing just for the sake of sports interest, you can release the prey.

Lake fishing in Phuket is cheaper than sea fishing, but the pleasure guarantees no less. There are two places for fishing. This is Cheow Lan Lake, which is located in the large Khao Sok Park. Many fishermen can be found in the province of Krabi and at Monster Fishing Park.

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