Bangkok sights - what to see and do in Bangkok

Bangkok is rich in attractions. This city is filled with a special energy. Every corner shocks, intrigues, beckons to learn all the mysteries. The first time you come to the City of Angels, the question always arises: "What to see in Bangkok?"

But coming into contact with the main attractions, the tourist experiences a real culture shock and thirst to learn and see as much as possible, and the question loses its meaning. And so...

Bangkok sights on the map

Consider the most important attractions in Bangkok, and perhaps even the whole country and just a must-see. It is worth considering that the main attractions are located within the island of Rattanakosin (Rattanakosin).

Grand Royal Palace

The Great Royal Palace deserves the attention of travelers among the first. A photo of the architectural complex most often adorns travel brochures of Thailand.

The whole conglomerate of palaces, temples, and sacral structures is truly magnificent. The construction of the cult location began in 1782. At first it was a relatively small wooden building, which in time increased to 218 square meters.

Part of the area is closed to tourists, but the accessible areas do not disappoint with their pomp and royal pretentiousness. For curious tourists there are exciting tours of the throne rooms, churches and museums. Exhibitions are regularly organized.


Temple of the Reclining Buddha

Tourists who do not have much time, after visiting The Grand Palace, go to the sacred abode of Bangkok - Temple of the Reclining Buddha.

The full name of the temple is Wat Phra Chetuphon Vimolmangklararm. Rajwaramahaviharn or Temple of the Reclining Buddha Awaiting Achievement nirvana. It was erected in 1688-1703.

It is believed that this is where the traditional Thai massage originated.

The building was erected during the time of Rama the First, who began the foundation of the new capital. On a map of the capital you can see that the huge Sleeping Buddha building adjoins almost directly to the Royal Palace, which is extremely convenient for the movement of most hikers.


The Temple of the Morning Dawn

If a tourist is lucky enough to see the first two attractions, it is definitely worth paying attention to another important place for Thais - the Temple of the Morning Dawn. The architectural unit is striking in its simplicity and modesty.

There is no traditional gilding, flashy emerald decor, or ornate decorations traditional to Thai culture. The tall pagoda with its glass inlays and elaborate carvings looks spectacular, and the porcelain inlays and seashell decorations are found nowhere else.

  • Read more about the Temple of the Morning Dawn

After listening to a fascinating tour (it is real to find a guide who will introduce the history of the temple in Russian), and after taking a couple of colorful photos, you can go in search of new adventures. To understand the scale and feel the flavor of a large and unexplored city, be sure to visit the observation deck on the Bayok Sky Tower.

Byock Sky

A skyscraper located in the central district of Bangkok, Pratunam. Here is a huge parking lot, and one of the most elite hotels in the region. The height of the building is over 300 meters, which offers a panorama of Bangkok. The building is open to everyone who has bought a ticket on the first floor at the ticket office.

No photo can capture the amazing color and mood that reigns at the over-the-top height.

Many guidebooks and tourist brochures in Russian, listing the attractions of Bangkok, forget to add Baiyoke Sky Hotel in the Top of the best places for the modern tourist. And for good reason.

Many people prefer to admire the beauty of the city in the evening, when all the sights of Bangkok appear in a special mystical form.

Golden Buddha Temple

Here is the largest statue made of gold. The sitting Buddha weighs more than five tons. The statue looks luxurious: the 3-meter gold statue is decorated with sapphire eye sockets and pearl framed squirrels. How realistic the appearance of the iconic hero of the Thais looks, each tourist will decide for himself.

The history of Wat Trai Mit is very confusing and complicated. You can learn about the twists and turns of the struggle of the Burmese, the loss and unexpected discovery of the precious statue, on one of the tours, where the guide will tell you interesting facts in Russian or English.

Marble Temple

The sights of Bangkok are not only the flamboyant architectural forms and colorful streets of the city. The Marble Temple, built in 1899, has a very sophisticated and elegant exterior. The main construction and finishing material is Italian marble.

The King Rama Temple has a European style with a subtle hint of a Thai architectural concept. Admission is free from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Sutat Temple

The Sutat is an amazing sacred structure that took so long to build that the country had time to change rulers three times. The construction was completed during the reign of Rama the Third. The temple was built for 140 years (from 1807 to 1947).

Not far from Sutata there is a giant swing. It is a specific ritual object by means of which the generosity of Shiva was worshipped.

Golden Mountain Temple

Tourists are in for a truly stunning spectacle - a rich golden pagoda, shining on an artificial base, which is called the golden mountain. An interesting feature: almost all the sights of Bangkok in the photo and in real life are characterized by a special love of gilding.

This temple surpasses all architectural units.

For Buddhists, it is not the lavish decor and pompous foundations that make the place so precious, but the fact that the ashes of the Buddha are kept within the walls of the holy shrine. In late autumn, a grand festival is held near Wat Saket Ratcha Wora Maha Wihan.

Wat Ratchanadda Temple

Another amazing architectural structure that cannot be left without attention is the Iron Temple, located on one of the busiest streets of the old center. It is not difficult to find this amazing complex on the map, and you can reach the temple by walking 10 minutes from the Golden Mountain.

The complex consists of 5 floors decorated with 37 black spires. For tourists, the location is notable for the famous market of artifacts and extraordinary amulets.

Hindu Temple

It is a beautiful temple built for the Hindu population. Representatives of the Indian community regularly gather within the walls of the shrine. For tourists, it will be interesting to see the beautiful decor of the temple and get a sense of the wonderful atmosphere.

From Surasak station you can walk to the location in 10 - 15 minutes. If a tourist is planning a hike, the colorful place is definitely worth marking on the city's sightseeing map.

Shrine of Fertility

A rare and colorful place, it attracts with its shocking entourage. The shrine of Penises or Pregnancies is visited with requests for pregnancy and the health of children, and with gratitude for a happy family life.

A legend testifies to the appearance of this place, about the petition of a woman who for a long time could not get pregnant. After several years of prayers, at the temple of offspring, she was rewarded.

After the offspring appeared, she brought a male figure to the temple.

Erawan Shrine

This is one of the most sacred and significant places on the sightseeing map of the Thai capital. There are always many pilgrims, tourists, organizers and participants in various choreographic shows.

Around the statue of the Indian deity, life is in full swing all the time. The golden statue, inlaid with jewels, looks colorful and spectacular. It is forbidden to take photos of the shrine.

Ancient City

In order to get acquainted with the enormous cultural and historical heritage of Thailand in the shortest possible time, you should visit the Ancient City - Muang Boran. Here are all the iconic structures of the country in a scaled-down format.

For tourists there are bicycles that can be used to ride through the park. The exotic culture will take even the most sophisticated tourists away for a day. In addition, you can take photos as much as you like.

Museum of Medicine

You can diversify your adventures among the endless parks, temples and old colorful streets of the capital by visiting the Museum of Medicine. It is located in the Sirrirai Hospital building. It can be easily found on the map. The exhibits on display shock everyone.

If children are on a tourist trip, the Medical Museum should be replaced by the National Museum of Science. A trip to this place will be informative and interesting. A huge number of exhibitions and installations will demonstrate scientific discoveries and amazing facts from all spheres of human activity.


After the shocking discoveries in the "most unusual museum in the world," it is worth taking a break at the oceanarium, no less famous and curious for the potential tourist. In the largest oceanarium there are more than 30 thousand sea creatures, rare representatives of flora and fauna.

Both time and money will not be wasted. Siam Ocean World is located in Siam Paragon Mall.

The aforementioned attractions are only a part of the most intriguing places. There are many more museums, parks, palaces, monuments and all kinds of monuments in Bangkok, and every place deserves attention to answer the question, "Where to go in Bangkok?" and don't miss the Siam Niramit show!

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