Dubai: the most recognizable sights of the modern city

Dubai clearly demonstrates a history worthy of being awarded the status of an economic miracle, which is quite understandable, because back in the century before last, there was an ordinary fishing settlement on this site of the Persian Gulf. Now it is a huge metropolis, each building and street of which is admired.

Everyone who visits Dubai will find entertainment according to their interests, and thanks to excursion programs, you can explore historical and cultural places, visit theme parks, get acquainted with entertainment centers and skyscrapers. All of the above refers to the exclusive and "very-most" in the world of tourism. On the square meters reclaimed from the desert, there is something really admiring and worthy of special attention.

Modern Dubai and its attractions

Dubai: the most recognizable sights of the modern city

Undoubtedly, ultra-modern skyscrapers, the tops of which are hidden behind the clouds, belong to the hallmark of the city.

Until recently, the most recognizable city symbol was the Parus Hotel - a building with 39 floors. It got its name because of the bizarre architecture used and is easily distinguishable from any part of the city. An interesting fact is that even today the building is the first and only 7-star hotel in the world.

Dubai: the most recognizable sights of the modern city

The Burj Khalifa replaced Sail on the list of Dubai's most recognizable symbols in 2010. Now this skyscraper has become the highest in the world - its height, up to the edge of the spire, is 828 m, and at a level of about 350 m (124th floor) there is an observation deck, and the highest one.

Dubai: the most recognizable sights of the modern city

The fountain complex, which stretches over 280 meters, will also be interesting for tourists, the jets of which reach a height of a hundred meters, while dancing in time with the most popular Arab and European hits. All beauty is accompanied by a laser-color show, starting every half an hour from 6-22 hours.

Dubai: the most recognizable sights of the modern city

Today's Dubai is able to acquaint everyone with another no less special building of architecture - the artificial islands of Mir, Palm Jebel, and Palm Jumeirah. These are island mounds of artificial origin, repeating the branches and trunks of palm trees in their shape, and the first island imitates a map of the world. There are islands near the Burjal Arab hotel in the bay. The most luxurious hotels are built on them, the most expensive restaurants and nightclubs, apartments owned by celebrities operate.

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