Tour to the UAE: Dubai - the mystery of the East

A visit to this beautiful, liberal emirate can leave an unforgettable impression. The place is truly artistically beautiful. There is not a corner, including the business center, that does not catch your attention.

The city is famous for its low trade duties, and the city's largest vip hotels in the UAE Once a day they provide a free shuttle to the largest shopping malls. There you can indulge in shopping that will not hurt your wallet too much.

On the sandy coast of the emirate there are two beach complexes - Al Mamzar Park and Jumeirah Beach Park. On the territory of Al Mamzar Park, there is also a swimming pool. Entrance to the beach does not exceed 5 DHS.

Not only traditional cuisine is popular in the emirate, but also the cuisines of other countries. These are all kinds of French bakeries and Italian pizzerias. For those who have chosen vip hotels in the UAE - the Indian restaurant Al Shindagah is probably the coziest in the emirate. And an institution called Al Tannour plunges into the atmosphere of Arabia, on Fridays near the night there is a performance, belly dancing and fire show.

Tour to the UAE: Dubai - the mystery of the East If the food offered by vip hotels in the UAE has become boring and you want to learn something new, then the most popular entertainment in terms of cuisine can be trips out of town with a "portable restaurant", a small break in the desert.

The city has many small bazaars and markets with various spices, clothing and many jewelry and souvenirs.

The main attractions of Dubai are, oddly enough, architectural compositions. These are the Palm Jumeirah, the Dubai Fountain, the Burj Khalifa and the red metro line. Some subway stations are under construction. For the most part, getting around is only realistic by cab, or on foot, but remember to always have a map with you in any case.

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