What Russian resort should a low-budget family choose for their summer vacation?

What Russian resort should a low-budget family choose for their summer vacation?

Holidays abroad have ceased to be as popular as just 4-5 years ago. Today, many already understand that you can comfortably spend time in Russian resorts, while paying a small amount. And if there are small children in the family, rest in Russia becomes even more convenient and relevant. Long journeys and flights, visa applications are just wasted time and nerves.

Inexpensive, close - that's the motto of today. If a hot climate is contraindicated for you, and you do not aspire to a long journey, rest in sanatoriums and boarding houses in your “native” or neighboring region can be an excellent option for you (accommodation prices from 800-1000 rubles per person per day, without treatment). Today, rest in them has become so comfortable that it can be a great alternative to traditional southern resorts. Located in forests on the banks of rivers or lakes, with beautiful small beaches, they will help you not only have a good rest, but also get rid of various diseases.

But if you want to go south, to the sea, and at the same time do not want to spend a lot of money, you should opt for inexpensive hotels in Gelendzhik, Tuapse, Sochi and Anapa, located in the Krasnodar Territory. The quality of rest in them is very decent, many are located near the sea, additionally offer a lot of entertainment and excellent food. A huge number of hotels and boarding houses in these resort areas offer a variety of choices. Cheap private hotels are increasingly popular with vacationers, small and comfortable, they are able to provide an excellent holiday for a small fee. Cozy atmosphere and friendly hosts will help you to have a great rest.

What Russian resort should a low-budget family choose for their summer vacation?

The southern regions of Russia are traditionally favorite vacation spots in the summer, attracting crowds of tourists. The mild, warm climate of these places has such a beneficial effect on the body, helping to restore strength and improve health, which can be especially recommended for families with children.

The cost of living in sanatoriums, boarding houses and hotels in southern cities is very different, but for a low-budget family it is quite possible to find an inexpensive option. At the same time, the price will depend on the month in which you are planning a trip, the level of comfort, the distance to the beach. Moreover, there are often discounts for an extra bed for children and adults. Sometimes there are restrictions for living with children up to 2 or up to 4 years.

The most inexpensive double room in the Gelendzhik boarding house in the summer will cost you 950-1500 rubles per person per day. This price includes 3 meals a day and accommodation, and treatment can be paid additionally, if desired. You can stay in a sanatorium if you plan to have a course of treatment, but the price will be higher - 1800-2500 rubles per day. Often sanatoriums and boarding houses have their own beach and indoor pools, the use of which is included in the price.

What Russian resort should a low-budget family choose for their summer vacation?

There are relatively inexpensive sanatoriums in Anapa - from 950 - 2050 rubles per day (excluding treatment). An excellent option would be an inexpensive mini-hotel, accommodation in a double room which costs 500 rubles, and with 2 meals a day - 850-1450 rubles. An inexpensive hotel will cost 950-1900 rubles per day, including accommodation, breakfast, use of the pool.

Hotels in Sochi are usually expensive. But you can find a cheap option for 950 rubles per day (without meals). There is an inexpensive sanatorium - its 2-bed room will cost 1350-2500 rubles.

In Makops (Lazarevsky district), a mini-hotel offers accommodation for only 400-600 rubles, and children under 5 years old are free. In the village of Lazarevskoye, you can find a guest house for 650-1050 rubles per day. There are good, inexpensive sanatoriums and boarding houses in Adler.

But, perhaps, the largest number of cheap sanatoriums, boarding houses, recreation centers is located in the Tuapse region.

Of course, you can also stay in the private sector, where prices will be much lower. It is quite possible to relax inexpensively in the southern resorts. And you will have enough impressions from the trip for a whole year ... until the next vacation.

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