Shopping in Iceland (Reykjavik)

Reykjavik is considered the largest city on the island, as well as the northernmost European capital. It is not at all impressive in size, but it has the charm and personality that is so appreciated by locals and tourists. The city is full of contrasts. Here hot thermal springs are combined with the cold currents of the Atlantic Ocean, galleries and museums are adjacent to provocative nightclubs, in summer the white nights change to the northern lights in winter.

Copyright items can be purchased here at the Kronkron store, which is located on the main shopping street of the city. And when the cost of $80 for trousers seems high, you can look for remnants of the previous edition, which can be purchased at a discount. In addition to clothing, the assortment here also includes accessories such as handbags and belts, and shoes.

The Icelandic government clearly controls the trade in cigarettes and alcohol, because there are few places where you can buy all this. One such point, called Vinbudin, is located near the city's main tourist office. There is really a lot of alcohol here. However, the prices are also high.

But the young ladies are unlikely to leave the ISIS store empty-handed. There are many things that you want to buy.

Shopping in Iceland (Reykjavik) One look at the collection from Andersen&Lauth makes you salivate. At least for girls who know how to dress. Here you can find hats and dresses not of the "Shirporteb" range. Elegance is at the forefront of everything here, and nothing that the cost of a hat can easily exceed $60.

The jewelry store, which has a somewhat strange name "4dot", provides a variety of crafts and knick-knacks with a national twist.

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