Rules of conduct in Turkey

Rules of conduct in Turkey

Turkey is not just an exotic country, it is a place where time slows down. Everything around is subordinated to the established way of life, and the individual person is not able to influence it. That is why, incidentally, the main virtue of Turkey is considered to be patience.

Vacation in Turkey will leave only pleasant memories, it is only worth adhering to the simple rules of conduct. For example, you can not photograph a woman hiding her face. In Turkey, it is forbidden at the legislative level. Moreover, in case you dared to photograph such a lady, do not be surprised at the reaction of your husband, and others. In extreme cases, if you are in dire need of such a photo, it is better to shoot at long focus, from a long distance.

In Turkey there are old traditions and norms of how one should behave in public places. They are still relevant today, which of course must be taken into account. Thus, politeness should become your main weapon when communicating with others. Especially in disagreements with officials, you should always observe restraint.

Also in Turkey, the elderly and women are respected and given room not only in transportation, but also in, say, recreation areas and parks. The locals demand the same attitude from tourists. In a situation where you are hinted that you need to give way, it is better to do it voluntarily, so as not to bring the dispute into conflict.

Today, tours and trips to Turkey are offered by almost every travel agency. They also include sightseeing in Turkey. During such excursions to Turkish monuments, it is important to remember about your clothing and appearance. For example, when entering a mosque, you need to cover your legs at the ankles and shoulders up to the elbows.

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