What to watch out for when traveling to Turkey, UAE, Greece, Germany, Egypt

Unfortunately not always visiting any Arab or European country we can be absolutely protected against fraud, pickpocketing, food poisoning, theft in hotels or violence and murder. And even civilized countries such as Germany or Greece cannot guarantee us complete safety during our vacation. However, we always have the opportunity to significantly reduce the risk of emergencies if we familiarize ourselves in advance with what we can expect in each particular country.

Below we offer a list of the most common problems of different tourist countries, as well as methods of solving and avoiding them.

What to watch out for when traveling to Turkey, UAE, Greece, Germany, Egypt


Turkey is one of the more popular countries among Soviet tourists. Every year it is visited by millions of Ukrainian and Russian citizens, some of whom are quite often exposed to such risks as theft and deception. A common crime in this country is the constant attacks of pickpockets and thieves who snatch expensive jewelry, handbags or portable equipment from gaping tourists.


Unfortunately, Egypt is famous among our tourists not only for its luxurious beaches and ancient pyramids, but also for the possibility of catching an intestinal infection or get into an unpleasant situation during demonstrations and protests by local residents.

To avoid such involvement, it is worth limiting yourself to walking around the city on your own and snacking at dubious eateries.

What to watch out for when traveling to Turkey, UAE, Greece, Germany, Egypt


The main danger when visiting the United Arab Emirates, fortunately, is not the possibility of being poisoned or robbed, but the great likelihood of being bitten by a poisonous snake or poisoned prick of cone shells. Therefore, to engage in independent diving or explore the vast deserts without the supervision of a guide in the United Emirates is categorically not recommended.


Our tourists visit Greece only in exceptional cases, because most of the inhabitants of the former Soviet Union are not aware of the availability of various resorts in this state. However, despite this, it is worth bearing in mind that recently Greece has been gripped by a wave of economic crisis and it is not uncommon to find riotous citizens in the streets. Therefore, before flying to this region it is worth to clarify the state of affairs in the country and just in case to write down the emergency number (112).


Germany is one of the most favorable in terms of safe tourism countries in Europe. Thanks to the democratic structure of the country and the pleasant mentality of its inhabitants, it is almost completely safe to vacation in Germany. The only exceptions are when the tourist itinerary includes rock climbing and mountain climbing.

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