What should we take with us if we go on vacation?

What should we take with us if we go on vacation?

Packing a suitcase on vacation - a pleasant thing. And that the suitcase is not a burden (literally) on the way to the sea need with all seriousness to his packing.

After all, often we take with them not one unnecessary thing that on vacation and never put on, and necessary things in a hurry dopupayem.

The weight and contents of the suitcase depends directly on the purpose of the vacation. If you decide to devote your vacation exclusively to enjoying the sea and the sun, not pursuing the goal of finding a suitor, the main criterion of things - comfort. Light cotton or silk pants, knitted shirts and T-shirts, thick pants and a windbreaker or sweater in case of cold weather and, of course, shorts - that's a list of parade outfit. A light sundress or a favorite dress will also give comfort on the coast. A tracksuit is better to leave at home for sports. As for shoes take comfortable tennis shoes or sneakers, flip-flops and sandals. Indoor shoes are comfortable to travel, flip-flops are useful on the beach, and sandals are comfortable to go on excursions and stroll through the shady alleys.

If the goal of the vacation is to find a prince, then the suitcase will have to be filled with jewelry and accessories - they can dilute the outfit, because they can create a sense of novelty. Take at least three dresses with you. Shoes with high heels is not necessary, but the sandals in leather with a low heel must be taken. Instead of sneakers suit slippers, and for walks stock up on sandals.

The main item of a holidaymaker is a bathing suit. For a vacation at sea, it is advisable to have three swimsuits, including one solid. In order not to flicker in the photos the same swimsuits, diversify them with a pareo.

Headgear and sunglasses are the guardians of good mood and health even on the hottest days, so without them on vacation is impossible. Straw hats for temptresses, and bandanas and panamas for active vacationers - for every taste you can find a suitable headgear.

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