Take it with you when you travel! Tourist Information

What should you remember to take with you on your trip? Let's take a quick glance at the main items in your travel guidebook.

Take it with you when you travel! Tourist Information

Where are we going?

Will your trip take you to the Arctic climate zone? This means the ski countries and the Scandinavian Peninsula. It is not necessary to bring ski equipment, you can rent everything upon arrival. But a few warm clothes, overalls, warm shoes, headgear will certainly be useful.

Going to a moderate continental climate zone, where European resorts are located? Temperature fluctuations are very frequent here. It can be very hot in the morning and very cold in the evening. Check the weather forecast before you pack for your trip, and depending on that, take both warm clothes and clothes for the heat.

Going to the tropics or subtropics? You'll need as many lightweight shirts, tank tops, and cotton shorts as possible, plus lightweight and comfortable shoes. The rainy seasons are often here, so keep that in mind.

Take underwear at a ratio of one set per day of stay in the country.

The essentials

Here are the most necessary things you should not forget to put in a suitcase or bag.

- All travel documents, including your passport. Keep documents separate from where you keep your money or credit cards.

- Of course, selected clothing, shoes, hats, sunglasses.

- Personal hygiene items in a sealed bag.

- Travel first aid kit, which should include antiseptic, antihistamine, antiemetic, a drug for intestinal disorders, antipyretic, bandages, adhesive tape, green in a pencil.

- Creams for sunbathing, insect repellent and insect bite repellent.

- Camera, camcorder, chargers for them and for your cell phone.

- For the first time wet wipes, a towel, mineral water.

Do not forget to take the most important thing - money. Let them be both in cash and on cards.

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