Is it worth it to buy real estate for vacation?

Is it worth it to buy real estate for vacation?

Surely many people are interested in the opinion, is it profitable to invest in real estate abroad? After all, it is convenient to use it for family holidays for a few weeks, and the rest of the year you can rent to other holidaymakers. But is it profitable to do this in Russia?

Here, everything, in many points depends on where exactly you decide to buy vacation property. For example, resort cities such as Sochi have long become profitable objects for investment and profit. However, the cost per square meter there is also much higher than the average for the region. Nevertheless, it is still profitable, because new houses are constantly being built in resort areas, and more and more organizations offer their services for the management of such facilities. But is it so profitable for an ordinary provincial town in the middle belt of Russia? It may seem strange to you, but it can also be quite interesting, and most importantly, a profitable investment.

Of course, this fact does not mean that it will be enough to just real estate for recreation in Novomoskovsk and it will immediately begin to pay off. This question should be approached thoughtfully, just like any other business. Yes, let's say you come every year to this city for some reason and can, instead of spending money on this trip, make an additional good income. But here it is necessary to choose an apartment with a good location, and it is desirable to find a competent firm that you can trust, and which will be able to rent your apartment / house for a year.

Is it worth it to buy real estate for vacation?

It is true that in the province there is quite a serious shortage of comfortable apartments, and hotels, which are rented, so your offer may be quite in demand. For example, you buy a holiday property in Shchekino, make repairs in it and give ads in the local newspaper and on the Internet. But not the fact that this will give the necessary return. The fact that the first need you have every time you have to go there, and accordingly you will lose customers. So in any case, you need an intermediary who will take care of all these problems, and of course you will have to trust this intermediary. The ideal option is when he buys your apartment for a year, paying you a certain amount of money, and then he himself is looking for tenants in it.

The location of the apartment is also very important, especially in the provinces. In a major metropolis almost any accommodation can find its tenant, regardless of the particular area, while in a small town the location can be a serious stumbling block, and the main key to a successful business. So even before you buy, you should start looking for options and consult with professional realtors. So you will be more aware of which areas are in demand, and in which areas it is better not to buy a house for rent. Ideal is the vacation property in the center, close to the subway, markets, and bus stations.

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