5 tips for those who want to rest in the Carpathians

Winter is a traditional time for the frenzied influx of tourists in the Ukrainian Carpathians. One of the most common ways to arrange a winter vacation in the mountains is to search for estates and hotels on the Internet, contact their owners, and, in fact, the booking itself.

1. Before you book, it is important to have at least the slightest idea of the institution in which you plan to rest. Therefore, I advise you to choose recreational facilities on quality Internet resources, where there are a lot of photos, detailed information, approximate location of the complex and make your choice. Some people think that on such sites are placed only expensive estates, which can afford to allocate money for advertising. This opinion is wrong, since most sites take quite a token fee for advertising and it ranges from 10 to 50 USD per month. Therefore, it is possible to find a variety of accommodations on the Internet - from the cheapest private estates to the most expensive VIP-class hotels. As a rule, the information is fresh and the choice is wide enough.

2. be sure to contact the owners and clarify all the details. You should not be shy to ask even the logical things - the temperature in the rooms, the availability of additional heaters, the possibility of using an iron or hair dryer, the frequency of changing bed linen and towels, the availability of firewood near the barbecue and so on. Clarify the location of the institution. There were cases when tourists, overcome more than a hundred and even a thousand miles learned that their institution is located 40 km from the ski resort, where they were planning to relax.

5 tips for those who want to rest in the Carpathians3. Try to avoid tempting offers on various message boards, where for ridiculous money you are promised an unforgettable vacation with all the comforts.

4 Pay attention to feedback from your predecessors, or do not be lazy and try to find contacts of people who have already vacationed in your chosen institution of rest on thematic forums.

5. Usually the more expensive establishments offer much better conditions of rest. Of course, they are not affordable for everyone. It often happens that in the absence of customers, the owners make significant concessions, and if your budget does not quite fit into the prices of the institution, try to negotiate for a cost that would satisfy both you and the owner.

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