Where can I rest inexpensively this year?

Where can I rest inexpensively this year?

Inexpensive vacation abroad this summer

By planning your trip in advance, you will save significantly on ticket and hotel reservations. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the proposals, which will highlight the rest and tourism, scheduled for March this year. It is at this event will announce all the most interesting things in the world of travel for the coming season. And while tour operators are thinking about what to surprise customers, we will tell you which resort countries remain the most attractive from an economic point of view, amid currency fluctuations and the fall of the ruble.

Inexpensive vacation awaits you in Tunisia. The political situation here has stabilized, so all restrictions for foreign tourists have been removed. Of course, a large flow of holidaymakers operators are not waiting, and therefore to attract customers have left prices at the same level.

Those on a tight budget will love South Africa. At a relatively low cost, you'll have a lot of fun observing wildlife and visiting the country's museums. Most likely, the Tourism and Leisure Expo will suggest travelers go to Shanghai. In terms of costs, this destination is one of the most economical options. Hotel rooms here cost from $10, and you can eat in a restaurant for 2-3 1.4T.

Beach vacation

Fans of wild tropical coasts should buy tickets to Samoa. If you use a budget bus and live in a hut rented from the locals, the costs will be minimal.

Hurry to visit Bali, because this still budget resort is rapidly gaining popularity. Now tourists can get cheap food, inexpensive accommodation and transportation. In addition, in Bali you can visit the spa treatments - they are known for their excellent quality and reasonable price.

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