Tourist visa - what do you want?

A tourist visa assumes that you intend to visit the country for the purpose of seeing it and not for employment or a long stay. The period of stay in a foreign territory with such a visa is limited to three weeks. How do I apply for a tourist visa?

Tourist visa - what do you want?

First of all, you need to decide whether you will be engaged in registration on their own or transfer this hard work on the broad and strong shoulders of special agencies. If you decide to do everything without anyone else's help, then, first of all, you need to decide on the type of visa - Schengen she will be or a national one. How to do it.

If you need a visa to Spain, Belgium, Austria, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Germany, France, Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Luxembourg or Denmark, you can safely apply for a simple Schengen visa. The fact is that all of these countries are part of the Schengen Union, and once you get into one of these territories, you can easily move to another.

Otherwise, you will have to apply for a national visa and take into account the nuance that in the territories of these countries their national currency will be quoted, not euro. It is also possible to apply for a national visa for a country belonging to the Schengen Union, but then you will not be able to enter other Schengen countries. The visa will be valid for one country only.

What documents will you need? You will need an impressive list of documents to apply for a visa. Here is what you may need when applying for a tourist visa:

- old passport and a copy of it;

- A photocopy of your marriage certificate;

- All kinds of certificates that will confirm your solvency (statements of your current bank account, a photocopy of your credit card, and so on);

- copy of tickets purchased in advance;

- Insurance policy that is valid not only in your country, but also in all other countries and, of course, in the country where you intend to arrive;

Also note that in addition to the above, students need to provide a copy of their student ID card. And if it is a business trip, you will need a certificate from your place of work on the allocation of funds to make the trip. It will not be superfluous to bring a business card, if you have one.

But these are all documents that will be "auxiliary," and the main list is a little shorter:

Tourist visa - what do you want?

- A passport, which must be valid for at least three months (by the way, if you purchase visas to France, the passport must be valid for at least six months!)

- A photocopy of your passport (all pages);

- 3x4 photo (1 to 3 pieces, depending on the country of residence);

- Completed questionnaires (in some cases there may be one questionnaire, but in any case, fill them out yourself!)

- documents that confirm the purpose of your trip (invitation, hotel reservation...).

And keep in mind that changing the purpose of your trip steadily leads to the loss of your entry permit. And on the spot, being in a foreign country, you should not change your plans either. For example, if you went on a tourist vacation, and then decided to work in the country, you may well be deported back to your homeland. Be honest with the country where you arrived on holiday, and with yourself. You should not sacrifice your honest name in favor of your desire to make money.

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