Winter holidays in the mountains: precautions

Winter holidays in the mountains: precautions

The main place for winter tourism most people choose ski resorts. This is where you can really enjoy the winter entertainment, breathing in the fresh, frosty air!

But the dangers associated with recreation at ski resorts are many. Therefore, in order to ensure that your vacation brought you a lot of happy emotions you should prepare for it in advance, and know everything about the unexpected situations that may happen in the mountains.

So, the first thing to start with is to choose a safe route. Before you go to any ski resort, study the terrain, the weather conditions, and how high the risk of avalanches is in the area.

But even if you have studied in detail the route you have chosen, it does not mean that thereby you have shielded yourself from all sorts of dangers. Do not forget that there are a lot of dangers in the mountains, and they can hide even the most experienced tourists at the most unexpected moment, which can spoil your winter holidays in the mountains.

Winter holidays in the mountains: precautions

So, during a heavy snowfall, the probability of avalanches is particularly high. Therefore, it is best to wait out the weather. And if this is not possible, you should continue driving along wooded slopes, using avalanche cones.

No less dangerous is driving with limited visibility - at dusk or in fog. This impedes the ability to orientate and thus reduces the real assessment of traffic safety.

An unsafe companion in the mountains is the sun, from the snowy whiteness and sunlight you can get severe eye burn. Therefore, it is best to use sunglasses, preferably with orange lenses.

A very great danger is a strong, sudden cold snap, especially after a thaw. Wet shoes and clothes at such a moment quickly turn into a crust of ice that does not retain heat at all. In such a case you should make a camp and make a fire. If possible, you should change into everything dry.

Naturally, you cannot go skiing alone. It is better to do it with a group of five or six people, where at least one person knows how to provide first aid.

Observance of all these rules will make your winter holidays in the mountains full-fledged, and allow you to protect themselves and their health from many troubles.

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