How to choose the right tour

"If you don't know where you want to go, then you don't care which way you go," said Lewis Carroll's heroine Alice. Well, you certainly know where you would like to go to make your vacation unforgettable. If you don't, then let's see what are the main points you need to consider.

How to choose the right tour

Let's start with what you expect from this trip. Listen to yourself and decide what you prefer this time: to lie on the beach and rest from all sorts of running around, or maybe a tour full of excursions with visits to exhibitions, museums and just remarkable places, or you want something more extreme, where there will be more drive and adventure. Your decision will determine the choice of the country in which to travel. For the first option is ideal for Egypt, Turkey, Thailand, for the second - any bus tour, and for the third - Australia with coral reefs for diving, Africa - with the best places for safaris or the Caucasus - for climbing.

When giving preference to a particular type of vacation, do not forget to take into account the time of year in which you plan to go on a trip. There are places to visit which are not all seasons are favorable or, at least, not very good. Take Egypt, for example. Although it is considered a year-round resort, but still has some features. So, summer is a time for fans of extreme sports, spring and autumn is ideal for a holiday with a child, but in winter the preference should be given to excursions to the main sights of the country. Well, if you choose a bus tour, keep in mind that winter can be very cold for hiking and a large number of warm clothes can create some discomfort. However, if this does not bother you, then feel free to choose a tour to admire the fabulous places in winter.

Another not insignificant issue is the company that will accompany you. To a greater extent, this question concerns children. It is for them that appropriate conditions must be created. At least you should make sure that the natural and weather conditions do not cause damage to the health of your baby. For example, a sudden change of climate, the presence of only exotic food or, after all, the lack of safe sandy approach to the sea can have a negative impact. Also make sure that the hotel will be able to provide a crib and a special menu for children, if necessary, and also check whether there is a children's room or entertainers who can take care of the leisure time of your child. Thinking about all these points, you can have a good rest yourself and bring joy to your baby.

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