What to fill a suitcase, going to the resort?

Once the issue of tickets, hotel and other important aspects of travel is resolved, the vacationer is bound to face the question: "What to take on a trip?"

One proven way is to write a list with everything you need.

What to fill a suitcase, going to the resort?

No need to waste time thinking about which suitcase is more comfortable! It is better to find out everything in the store from a consultant. There are many suitcases and they all have different modifications and sizes. The main thing is to choose the right size wheels and length of the handle.

The most basic thing is to collect all the necessary documents. Passports, tickets, vouchers, car licenses, etc. and put them, in a place easily accessible to you.

Calculate the money with fifty percent over and above the amount planned for spending. It is better not to combine the reserve amount with the total.

Be sure to take a set of medicines that you always use on a trip. A standard set of medications is in any first aid kit, but those that help you may not be there. Allergies or digestive disorders can ruin your holiday. You should also take sunburn cream, plaster and anything else you think you need.

What to fill a suitcase, going to the resort?

The sunglasses and sunglass case should go in the suitcase third, after the documents and money. They are the symbol of a vacation.

Creams for, from and after tan are needed if you are waiting for a beach holiday. Creams should be taken both for the face and body with different levels of protection.

Sun umbrellas are often sold or just rented or installed on the beach for free. There is no point in buying them.

Beachwear should, at a minimum, consist of swimsuits and pareo to them, caps, handbags, flip-flops or sandals.

As for cosmetics, it is better to cleanse and nourish the skin at the resort. Nothing unnecessary. You can refuse from decorative cosmetics. Let your skin rest together with you.

Personal care products such as razors, combs, toothpaste, shampoo, etc. can be purchased in stores in the country to which you are going. If you do not want to spend time shopping, take everything with you.

You can just imagine how the day will go abroad, what you will have to use and put everything you need in your suitcase.

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