Going on vacation with a small child

Your baby is a little older now, and you decide to go on vacation as a family. When packing suitcases, consider that your child will need many things. It is unlikely that you will want to do laundry every day at the resort, so a change of clothes in the amount of 3-4 sets will come in handy. Take a few pants, shirts, shirts, shirts, sweaters, tights and socks.

Don't forget your hygiene products. Stock up on creams, soaps, and shampoos that you regularly used while taking care of your baby. Diapers will be useful on the road, the rest can be bought on the spot, so do not take a lot. If your child is in between diapers and the toilet, then do not forget about the potty. For such cases have long been invented "potty-travelers. They are inflatable, easy to clean, and after use they can be put in a bag without taking up much space. Do not forget about the wet wipes, they are extremely handy, on the way will get dirty and your baby's hands and face.

Now about the toys. Take no more than two of your favorite toys. You're sure to please the baby with new ones on the spot, so this amount will be quite enough. Not bad if you take a set of pencils and drawing paper. Then the karapuzu will be something to do on the road. Also not a bad option would be to have some player with cartoons. Buy your child a small backpack, let him carry there his "valuables" and travel "adult-style".

Going on vacation with a small child The first aid kit is one of the top items on our list. Have it filled with medicine for everything: head and toothache, ear and throat pain, allergies, runny nose, cough, sunburns. Also get bandages, green, iodine, Band-Aids, and cotton swabs.

In warm countries, you will need inflatable armbands, laps and vests. Also, a panama hat, cap and sunscreen. Also, do not forget that it is better to rest in the shade. A lot of sunlight will hurt the child. And on the tour, do not forget the spare shoes, a raincoat for the baby, warm clothing and hats.

We hope we helped you, and that your vacation will be at the highest level!

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