Vacationing Wilderness

Vacationing Wilderness

All lovers of tourism and outdoor recreation can be divided into two categories: lovers of a comfortable, civilized holiday and those who prefer to sleep in a tent and eat self-cooked food with the smell of a fire.

It is easy to decide on the choice of luggage that you will take with you while relaxing on a tour, it is quite another matter to competently and quickly pack things for a wild vacation. Of course, over time, you will gain experience, and you will easily determine what exactly you need on vacation.

But for those who decided to rest as savages for the first time, we give advice: make a list of essentials, and then the second. The most necessary things are a sleeping bag (light and warm), a tent (which should be protected from the rain) and a karimat (warm mat).

Cookware that should be light, strong and naturally unbreakable, such as aluminum or plastic. Take matches in large quantities and try to store bags in different places, play it safe with a lighter and be sure to stock up on dry fuel. Take care of durable comfortable shoes, a supply of warm clothes. Undoubtedly, a flashlight, first aid kit, knife and hatchet will be needed on the campaign.

Documents taken with you, as well as matches, store in a tight plastic bag. Pack it all into a voluminous backpack, with a convenient system of straps and straps, and plenty of pockets for small things, such as mosquito repellent.

Have a good trip!

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