To Europe for thermal waters

As we know from classical literature, there was a custom in pre-revolutionary Russia to go to the waters of Europe. However, only noblemen and rich people went to the spas. Now everyone can go to a spa resort.

To Europe for thermal waters

Leaving aside the benefits of mineral waters for the body, water resorts are a hedonist's dream. In Russia, we use mostly Russian baths, less often saunas. But the feeling of sweet giddiness and feelings akin to intoxication after immersion in icy water or snow after a steam bath, we know. We do not perceive going to the baths as pleasure, but rather as a hygienic procedure.

The tradition of thermal spas comes from very ancient times. The Romans called them thermae and rested there all day long. What is a modern water resort? First of all, it is water from a natural mineral spring. Hot or warm, it rises from a great depth of several thousand meters. Spas have one or more springs of such water. Indoor and outdoor pools are indispensable. And around it is usually a park and sauna, and relaxing on a lounger. Everything for rest, everything for relaxation, everything for the body.


The city of Spa. The oldest water resort in Europe. On its waters Peter the Great was treated. These thermae were reopened after reconstruction in 2012.

The spa has three mineral springs:

- with non-carbonated water;

- with weakly carbonated water, natural carbonation;

- with carbonated water of high mineralization (silicon, sodium, calcium, bicarbonate).

Several swimming pools with a total area of 800 square meters, sauna, Turkish baths. The thermae are open every day, seven days a week.


To Europe for thermal waters

he nine volcanoes erupted here. The remains of craters filled with water can still be seen today. This place is called "Volcanic Eifel". The ancient Romans were the first to come here, they also discovered the healing spring.

Its waters, the only one in Europe, are enriched with Glauber's salt. The thermae are open daily. In addition you can book healing and wellness treatments.


Spa resort of the municipality of Waltz. It is located in the canton of Graubünden and is amazing for its architecture. The architect Peter Zumthor built an authentic theater of water. The mineral water of the Spa is hydrocarbonated and slightly mineralized. A total of 150 people can visit this water extravaganza at a time, so reservations are essential.

You can visit any European spa resorts with the help of travel agencies or on your own.

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