Shopping in Paris

Shopping in Paris

The main passion of any woman is shopping. And what could be more pleasant than doing your favorite thing in the most romantic city. We are talking about Paris. Every year, from June 24 to July 28, in many stores appears a sign Soldes and they will give you the biggest discounts. And there is a lot to choose from.

Shopping lovers should definitely visit the Champs Elysees. For here the choice of stores is particularly great. It is impossible to deny yourself from visiting boutiques with designer clothes of famous brands. If you are a follower of French designers, you are on the Rue Montaigne. Only here you have an exclusive opportunity to buy clothes of such brands as Kenzo, Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel, Givenchy. And if you can not imagine your life without clothes from Jean Paul Gaultier, you are on the Rue Saint-Antoine. Even a simple visit to these boutiques will give you the feeling that you've joined the world of haute couture. That you joined the world of high fashion. But here you can buy not only designer clothes, but also quite democratic clothes. On Boulevard Haussmann there is Galeries Lafayette with many boutiques of such brands as Zara, Kookai, Naf-Naf. Not only do tourists love to stroll through the Galleria, but lots of locals do their shopping here. Every Wednesday at 11 o'clock there is a fashion show. It's a must-see.

Shopping in Paris

But where to go shopping if you want designer clothes, but also want to save money. Of course you go to the Saint-Germain quarter, for a stroll through the stores that sell clothes from the factories. Do not hesitate because of the lack of labels on the clothes, because they are the leftovers from the collections of famous brands. These stores are located on the Republic Square, around the Louvre and the Bastille Square. Making purchases in these stores, you will save 15-20 percent of the cost. The most fascinating route, which is particularly popular, is from the Place de la Concorde along Rue de Rivoli and to the Place de la Bastille. If it says "sole" or "promotion" in the store window, this is a must-see, because this is where the sale is taking place.

Making a purchase in a "second hand", you can generally settle for 200-300 euros for a branded item. Those who want to buy good knitwear should visit the Bazuka boutique.

For those who like to stroll through the market there is an opportunity to visit the famous flea markets. They are open on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. That's where the shopping is free. After all, at such markets you can find a wide variety of goods. Furniture, works of art, porcelain... this is an incomplete list of market goods.

Happy shopping.

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