Choosing a thermos for a camping trip

Planning a camping trip, there is a need to solve a lot of organizational issues, to prepare everything you need. Pay attention to the thermos, which becomes indispensable in nature. How to choose the right thermos for it to cope with its tasks?

The main purpose of the thermos is to store liquids in it in order to maintain certain temperatures. The liquids can be hot or cold. The design includes a flask as well as a container.

Choosing a thermos for a camping trip

When making a choice, you should first pay attention to the characteristics of the models on the market. First of all, it is the type of thermos, which can be different. You should take into account the type of material used by the manufacturer to create the different elements of the design, that is, the flask and the container. An important characteristic is the volume, which determines the amount of liquid placed in the thermos. Attention should be paid to the manufacturer. It is suggested to study the marking on the thermoses.

Deciding on the type of thermos, it should be based on what exactly it is needed, how it will be used. Manufacturers offer several basic varieties. Among them are universal models. Their peculiarity is the presence of the hole, which is characterized by sufficient width. Thanks to this, it is suggested to store liquids inside and products. Most often, such models have a cork, which is double, which contributes to improving the hermetic qualities. Sometimes there may be a handle that folds down. The lid can be easily converted into a cup. You can see many such models on sale from different manufacturers.

The second type is the "bullet" type. Such a thermos is a metal thermos. Compact size is an important advantage. This allows them to easily fit into, for example, a bag. Often manufacturers offer a strap to the thermos. The purpose of the models is related to beverages.

The third type is thermoses that have a lid-pump. Such models are tabletop. Their main purpose is to store liquids. Pressing a special button allows you to pour the liquid. Dimensions of such thermos are quite large. A characteristic feature is the "samovar" structure.

Another type, which is quite rare today, can't be overlooked - these are the thermos vessels. They involve three containers. Their volume is different. The use of food plastic allows getting products that are characterized by a small weight. The material exhibits resistance to temperature exposure. Tight closure is noted in the case of each container. When using them, convenience is achieved.

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