Holidays in Europe: tours and recommendations

Holidays in Europe: tours and recommendations

Modern Europe provides everyone with excellent opportunities for recreation and tourism, even the most demanding and discerning. Moreover, the richness and quality of recreation program is not tied to the time of year - in Europe you will find something good for yourself in any season.

Do you prefer summer? No problem - warm velvet sand on the sea beach awaits you. Do you like winter? Choosing resorts in the snowy Alps with pistes of varying difficulty, so that even beginners who first started skiing can try to roll down the mountain.

Weary of stress and adverse environmental conditions residents of large metropolitan areas have a great opportunity to improve their health at famous European resorts located in picturesque corners of Europe.

Holidays in Europe: tours and recommendations Those interested in history are invited to travel to the most significant places to get acquainted with the architectural, cultural and historical heritage of the European continent. Tourist itineraries take you through several European countries at once.

What is especially appealing about traveling in Europe is that it is possible to travel from anywhere. In every major European city there are places that will be of interest to the curious traveler.

For example, Paris with its famous Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysees and small cozy street cafes. Paris will enchant the tourist with its charm and unique romance from the very first moment.

A thorough and solid Germany will open the Brandenburg Gate for all comers, behind which are stored centuries of historical secrets. After visiting just one German city, everyone immediately understands the reason for the confidence and tranquility emanating from the locals.

And, of course, it's impossible not to visit England, where you can admire the majestic tower of Big Ben, see Her Majesty's Guards marching in full dress and take a ride in the famous London cab, which has retained the shape of its predecessor - the cab. Looking at all this, one is struck by the immutability and eternity of English foundations, which cannot be shaken by any upheaval.

Naturally, each country is unique and distinctive in its own way, which is probably what attracts travelers to Europe. After all, when you travel to different countries, you can constantly discover something new.

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