Where better to rest - in Turkey or Egypt?

Where is the best vacation - in Turkey or in Egypt?

Are you deciding where to go in the summer with the whole family or with a group of friends? Some acquaintances advise you Egypt, others Turkey? Don't know what to choose? It is enough just to consider the pros and cons of holidays in each of the countries!

Trip price. The cost of a flight to Turkey and Egypt is basically the same, as well as the price of the tour and the quality of the hotels. In this regard, the score of Turkey and Egypt is 0:0

As for the cost of excursions, in Turkey they are much cheaper. Going to Egypt and not seeing the pyramids is stupid, but if you want to get to these sights, you basically have to fly on a local plane flight, which entails additional costs. The score is 1:0 in favor of Turkey.

Where is the best vacation - in Turkey or in Egypt?

Nature. Egypt is mostly desert - Africa, though. Each flower bed is the result of titanic efforts, because only in oases can one find at least some kind of vegetation. But then there is a magnificent underwater world - thousands of species of exotic fish, turtles. Diving developed. Diverse and colorful nature, the cleanest salty sea - in Turkey, so everything is an amateur, the choice is yours. The account is old.

In terms of the diversity of recreation, Egypt wins to a greater extent - there are many excursions, and historical places, in Turkey on excursions there is purely beautiful nature and that's all, therefore Egypt wins - 1: 1.

Thus, rest in each of the countries is an amateur, it depends on your preferences. According to our calculations, both countries are worthy, each has pluses and minuses, but the choice is yours. Have a nice holiday!

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