Exotic insects in Thailand

Exotic insects in Thailand

It is clear that going for exotics in a tropical country, you must be prepared for the fact that besides the exotic sea animals and astonishing nature there will be present and local insects: mosquitoes, fleas, all kinds of midges, the dangers and means of confrontation which need to take care in advance. Let's talk about the annoyance and biting of Thai insects.

We should immediately mention that at different times of the year their activity here is different. For example, in Thailand in the heat the insects are less active. Mosquitoes are more active in the off-season, when there are fewer tourists in the country.

Another important tip. Take medicines against insects with you only for the first one or two days of your stay in the country. Local Thai drugs work better than our domestic, as, apparently, are designed for the local subspecies of insects. It should be noted that the obliging Thais, so that mosquitoes and midges do not annoy tourists, put in a cafe under the tables burning spirals against flying insects.

As soon as you come to Thailand immediately visit the local pharmacies to buy insect repellents, which, like in our country, there are many kinds - from ointments to sprays, whichever is more convenient to use.

Exotic insects in Thailand

If you will be offered an excursion to the local jungle, be sure to take with you various types of repellents, which should be constantly updated on the skin. The local forests are full of biting and buzzing insects, so you should protect yourself from them, so as not to spoil the excursion.

In Thailand, in addition to mosquitoes, mosquitoes and midges, there are so-called sand flies. They mainly become active in September. Much more respect for these pesky biters enjoy such places in Thailand as Pattaya, Samet and Chang. Tourists confuse sand fly bites with mosquito bites, but they are somewhat different. Mosquito bites pass quickly, but bites from sand flies long itchy and inflamed red circles on the body from them for a long time remain. Such flies severely affect the skin of children. Possible allergic swelling. So also in the pharmacy buy remedies for the bites and these insects. Show the pharmacists the places of bites, if any, they will give you an ointment that will help quickly heal the affected skin.

One last thing. Don't leave your food, especially the local fruit, which is in great variety and unbelievably cheap in the kitchen on the table in the open air. As you simply won't recognize your bags of food in the morning. Food and fruit will attract hordes of gnats and ants to your habitat. So keep your edibles either in the refrigerator or eat what you buy for the evening right away.

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