What souvenirs to bring from Israel

What souvenirs to bring from Israel

Most tourists traveling abroad from the first day of vacation tortured by the question, what a souvenir to bring from your trip? Everyone wants to buy something unusual. Souvenir should be characteristic of the country and not too expensive, which would be enough money for souvenirs for all relatives.

Very popular among tourists who vacationed in Israel is the Holy Land charms. These stones are also called Jerusalem stones. They can be purchased in almost any store that sells souvenirs. They are also sold in a bookstore. Very popular are sets of pilgrim. They consist of incense, oil, handfuls of holy soil and water from the Jordan River. You can also bring from Israel a variety of talismans, which are sold here in abundance.

Even wine is brought as a souvenir from Israel. The local wines are of very good quality and they are not expensive. It will be nice for your acquaintances to get such a souvenir.

What souvenirs to bring from Israel

Most tourists bring back the famous seven candlesticks as a memento of their stay in Israel. This candlestick is used when Hanukkah is celebrated. This candlestick is an iconic object. This object has an unusual shape. Various symbols of Israel are engraved on its surface. In Israel you can find many handmade candlesticks that would be a good souvenir. In many eastern markets you can buy wood products, leather, utensils.

Ecologically friendly cosmetics produced in Israel are popular not only in the country, but also abroad. The quality of these cosmetics is not inferior to the quality of cosmetics made by the best French manufacturers. But the price of Israeli cosmetics will be several times lower.

A good gift brought from Israel would be a chic swimsuit, one of the trendsetters in the world of swimwear. These products are expensive outside Israel. They can only be purchased in exclusive stores, and in Israel they are sold in any store.

You can consider a non-woven silk tablecloth as a candidate for a gift from Israel. The cost of this tablecloth will depend on the size of the tablecloth, and range from $10 to $30. In addition to the fact that these tablecloths do not crumple, they also do not stain. This tablecloth does not have to be washed like a regular tablecloth. This tablecloth should just soak and it is not necessary, then iron. Tablecloths are sold in different colors. So, the choice of gift depends on your imagination. You should be able to succeed.

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