Rest in the Crimea with children

Rest in the Crimea with children

Crimean resorts are once again gaining popularity. They are known primarily for its affordability - low prices, visa-free regime, Russian-speaking staff and, importantly, traditions. After all, every resident of the CIS in the genetic memory probably remained the stories of parents or grandparents about the magical trip of their youth - in the Crimea. The Crimea is a symbol of happiness, youth and health!

Crimean resorts can offer at least three climatic zones for every taste. The southern coast is famous for its healing air, which is a mixture of aromas of mountain herbs, sea ozone, and evergreen fir trees. The beaches of the South Coast of the Crimea are pebbly, with marvelous views of rocky cliffs and fanciful-shaped mountains. By the way, each mountain has a name, seasoned with a romantic legend - Bear Mountain, Cat Mountain, Diva Rock.

The west coast of Evpatoria, the Black Sea or Nikolaevka will be perfect for a family vacation with children. Any kid will enjoy a shallow sea and beaches with fine golden sand.

The East Coast has its own specifics. It is a place where three elements collide - the sea, the mountains and the steppes. Therefore, the nature of the East Coast, near Feodosia, Koktebel or Kurortny, offers the most diverse selection of beaches, both pebbly and sandy.

Choosing between Turkey and Egypt, Greece or Thailand, choose the Crimean coast. Some shortcomings of service here will be compensated by the splendor of native nature, and the lack of exoticism - a wealth of interesting excursions.

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