What cosmetics to bring from exotic countries?

What cosmetics to bring from exotic countries?

What cosmetics to bring from Morocco, Egypt, Thailand

Currently, the most diverse cosmetics of domestic and foreign manufacturers are presented on the shelves of stores. Many ingredients and formulations are very useful. If you are planning a trip to the exotic world, in addition to souvenirs, be sure to buy something useful for beauty and health. Many countries can boast of such goods. You can save a lot and be sure that you are purchasing natural ingredients, whether it is black cumin oil, which can be bought in the countries of the East (and now with us!), olive or rose oil.

What to bring?

Exotic countries are not only an opportunity to have a great rest, but also a chance to purchase unique cosmetics right in the homeland of the components that make up them. These are argan and olive oils, black cumin oil and much more. Holidays in Morocco will definitely appeal to you. A special atmosphere reigns here, and a wide variety of entertainment is available to tourists. When you return home, buy argan oil. It perfectly nourishes the skin, provides effective and gentle care for burns, and prevents skin aging. No less useful oil in hair care. In Morocco, argan oil can be found in most large supermarkets, in particular in the Marzhan chain.

Among the resorts most beloved by our compatriots is Egypt. The underwater world of the Red Sea, eternal summer, pyramids, camels and hotel all inclusive attract tourists here all year round. The Egyptian oil factory will offer you a huge amount of skin and hair care products. Natural oils also relieve headaches, help with high blood pressure.

In beautiful Thailand, we recommend purchasing aloe vera gel. It will protect your skin from the tropical sun and makes a great home moisturizer. This list should include Turkish clay, Greek olive oil and rose soap, which is worth bringing from Bulgaria.

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