When is the best time to go to Bali?

When is the best time to go to Bali?

The Indonesian island of Bali, bathed by two oceans - the Pacific and the Indian - is one of the few places on the planet where one season always reigns - summer. Tourists from all over the world flock here to bask on the sandy beaches amidst picturesque nature, surrounded by admirable architectural creations.

The Weather of Two Seasons

The equatorial climate with frequent monsoons ensures warm weather on the island: the average air temperature is 27-31 degrees, the ocean water is 26 degrees. Summer in Bali is divided into two seasons: - dry or high - from April to October; - wet or low - from November to March.

Bali Weather Now

During the high season the greatest influx of tourists. Prices during this period reach a maximum. In the rainy season vacationers less, prices are more democratic, except for New Year and Christmas holidays. The rains don't mar the vacation: tropical downpours are usually brief, last no more than two hours and often last at night, and the sun quickly dries out the traces of precipitation.

Moscow-Bali - 12 hours on the road

The cost of a flight to the island depends on the time of year. The cheapest tickets are in April, May, September, October and November - from 25 000 rubles, in other months - from 35 000 rubles. The distance from Moscow to Bali is almost 10,000 km, the journey without transfers takes on average 12 hours, with connections - up to 20 hours. The difference with Moscow time is 5 hours.

Choosing a tour

The cost of the tour depends primarily on the season, the level of the hotel, the time of booking: the earlier the tour is booked, the cheaper the holiday will be. With early booking a tour you can count on a good discount - up to 30 percent, and choose a hotel that meets the preferences of the tourist.

You can get a last-minute tour from Moscow to Bali even cheaper, you only need to keep track of travel agency messages, and the best way is to sign up for newsletters. Then a room in a 5-star hotel will cost like a room in a 3-star hotel. Buying a tour frees you from many worries: their price includes a flight, transfer, accommodation, medical insurance.

When buying a tour, special attention should be paid to the choice of the hotel: the distance from the beach, comfort rooms, availability of gyms, spas, rental centers, if you go with children - children's pools and playgrounds.

The highest places in the ranking of tourists occupy tours with accommodation in hotels (approximate prices are given for an 8-day stay of two people):

Class 2 stars: - Pondok Sari Bungalow Resort (Kuta) - from 86 000 rubles - Fourteen Roses Beach (Legian) 150 m from the beach - from 96 500 rubles - Zest Hotel Legian (Legian) 450 m from the beach - from 96 500 rubles

Class 3 Stars: - Legian Village (Kuta) 300 meters from the beach - from 87,500 rubles - Champlung Mas (Legian) 300 meters from the beach - from 93,300 rubles - Bali Bungalow (Kuta) 100 meters from the beach - from 87,400 rubles.

Class 4 Stars: - Hotel Vila Lunburg (Kuta) 900 meters from the beach - from 122 000 rubles - Bali Relaxing Resort & Spa (Nusa Dua) 50 meters from the beach - from 99 700 rubles - Goodway Hotel & Resort (Nusa Dua) 5 km from the beach - from 102 900 rubles

Five Star Class: - Grand Mirage Resort & Thalasso Bali (Nusa Dua) 100 meters from the beach - from 119 800 rubles - Novotel Bali Nusa Dua (Nusa Dua) 500 meters from the beach - from 125 900 rubles - Grand Aston Bali Beach Resort (Nusa Dua) 20 meters from the beach - from 125 900 rubles

Bali has about 5,000 hotels of varying levels of comfort and value. Our material lists only a small part of them, but includes the hotels that have won the highest rating of tourists in their segment.

All have free internet, outdoor pools, spa centers, fitness centers, restaurant and cafes. All beaches of the hotels are sandy, there is an opportunity to do water sports, fishing.

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